Freestanding Outdoor Poster Displays

Outdoor Digital Poster Display

Could you be looking for a solution to replace your current outdoor static poster advertising?

 You may own a garden centre, shopping mall, restaurant with digital menu screens, or an outdoor space that could be optimised for product advertising giving visitors and customers tantalising offers or way finding information.

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Perhaps you crave a cost effective and efficient solution that saves you time and money to re-print and replace your existing outdoor posters.
Our dynamic Outdoor Free-standing Digital Posters can be used in any outdoor environment. This brand new range is designed and manufactured with a robust outer casing to give protection from both the elements and the public. 
We will even add logo's or a complete vinyl wrap using external grade vinyl to give your new outdoor free standing digital display that unique and very special look.
So why should you opt for outdoor digital advertising? Here are a few benefits to help you along:

Easily update your information either by USB memory stick or via the internet using a cloud based management platform.
24 hour 7 days a week advertising even when you are closed.
Target specific offers and products at certain times of the day, week, month or year as well as changes in the weather.
Put together seasonal campaigns around key events such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Halloween, Christmas.
Create advertising revenue by renting screen space to suppliers or other local businesses. 
Direct visitors to various departments or key areas of interest using easy to read maps and illustrations.

Each Digital Poster is easy to install and maintain. You will need a firm base, concrete is best recommended, to bolt down and don't forget to allow for power and data cable access during your ground works.  
We have two sizes of outdoor free-standing digital posters 49" and 55" available both running high definition resolution giving crystal clear and pin sharp content.



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