Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU)

FSDU (free standing display units) are typically cardboard display stands where retailers showcase their products. The most popular FSDUs are floor-standing display units; you can find them in retail environments like supermarkets and shops.

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What does FSDU stand for in retail?

FSDU is an acronym for 'free-standing display unit.' The units offer practical product storage alongside a bespoke advertising space. They are commonly placed around shelves and in front of counters. Many retailers have been able to maximise the impact of their promotions via the use of FSDUs.

FSDU - a cost-effective way to improve brand image

FSDUs offer a host of benefits for retailers who want to optimise the impact of their in-store marketing campaigns. As they are so portable, they are ideal not only for your physical store but for events like trade shows too. They have proved to be particularly effective when it comes to generating impulse purchases and maximising revenue, causing many customers to make purchases that may have otherwise never happened. FSDUs are designed to quickly grab the attention of your customers and can deliver an outstanding return on investment.

Maximise revenue with FSDUs

They allow you to maximise the revenue from any product promotion that you’re currently running and encourage customers to spend more whilst they are visiting your store. FSDUs are incredibly simple, cost-effective and incredibly efficient when it comes to raising brand awareness. They have an excellent track record when it comes to helping retailers to promote their brands and increase sales.

Types of FSDU

Various options are available to you when you require a free standing display unit to promote products and increase sales. Find out more about some of the most popular FSDUs below.

  • Floor standing display units

A floor-standing display unit is a type of FSDU that's designed to be placed on the floor of your retail unit. These units tend to be larger than the units that you might place on your counter or a similar surface.

  • Cardboard display stands

Cardboard display stands are a form of FSDU that's made from cardboard. Not all FSDUs used in retail stores are manufactured from cardboard - other materials used to create FSDUs can include plastic, metal and acrylic.

  • All-white FSDU

This kind of FSDU may be ideal for your retail environment if you require a unit that comes without branding or graphics. However, you can also add your branding to these units if you wish.

  • Printed FSDU stands

A printed FSDU stand is typically one that features your branding and any other information about the products you are adding to it. Printed FSDU stands tend to be more popular than non-branded ones, though plain stands could be ideal for your needs if you're on a budget.

How to get a custom cardboard display?

At James Hogg Display, we can assist you if you do wish to order a custom cardboard display. We can work closely alongside you to create an eye-catching cardboard display that drives sales and wins the attention of your customers. We can help with the entire processes of designing your stand, your marketing campaigns and any promotions that you're planning to run.

How to assemble the FSDU?

Our cardboard FSDUs are shipped to you flat-packed for easy storage and installation. We also offer a free consultation service that makes it easier for you to assemble and install your free-standing display units.

Why have FSDUs become so popular? 

Free-standing display units have grown in popularity considerably over the years. A popular step for retailers to take when they need to boost their revenue is to make point of sale (POS) and point of purchase (POP) displays as visually appealing as they can. FSDUs have a great record when it comes to generating impulse purchases and encouraging shoppers to add more to their baskets whilst they wait to reach the checkout. You have many options available to you when it comes to design, whether you’re opting for something minimal or you require something more elaborate. FSDUs can offer a big return on investment, generating considerably more income than their initial cost.

How to make FSDUs work for you

When you’re customising your FSDU, opt for a design that speaks volumes about your brand values and the products you plan to fill it with. The design needs to be as eye-catching as possible in order to drive sales. You also need to place it in an area where it’s likely to win the attention of as many customers as possible. Retailers commonly place FSDUs near the checkout where impulse purchases are more likely to be made, although placing them around the ends of your aisles can also be effective. You can also use lighting to draw attention to your FSDUs and the products that are inside them. You also need to ensure that the products you wish to place inside your FSDU are suitable for it and are likely to be of strong appeal to your customers.