Freestanding Digital Display Posters

Are you looking for a sleek, contemporary and easily updatable solution to advertise and promote your products and services.
Ever wonder if your customers read your existing printed adverts and promotions?
How many times do we see roller banners located in the same place often replaced every time with the latest printed promotion or event?
Our range of freestanding digital advertising displays are ideal for instant updates on promotions or information saving the cost of reprint after reprint.
Each digital display simply plugs and plays producing high definition, crystal clear images and videos attracting the attention of your audience.
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Learn more about our unique content management software (CMS) how easy it is to use and you will be in full control, day and night delivering content in real time, instantly, without even touching the display.
These latest free-standing digital displays now feature Android technology. So what does this mean to you? Ever wanted to display a live web page or your favorite social media page to inform and engage customers? Both our 50" and 55" all in one network free-standing digital advertising displays allow you to do just that.
Additional benefits to you are:
  • Multiple Screen Synchronisation - Your entire digital network of screens (digital estate as well like to call it) can now play the same content at any given time.

  • USB Memory Stick Update - By switching your display to plug-and-play mode instant updates can be made by USB. 

  • Integrated Wifi Card - Switch connectivity between your local area network (LAN) and your Wifi network.

  • Update fast - Your display will update content information at super-fast speeds.(See your broadband supplier)

  • Third Party CMS - You can use your own Android supported digital content management software.(Subject to compatibility)

  • Hire option available.
To find out more, and to arrange an informal chat about creating your next digital poster promotion, then call James Hogg Display on 0330 333 6106.