Outdoor Digital Shop Fascia

Get ready for the latest in Digital Shop Fascia Technology.

Are you ready to move away from static shop front signage to digital LED shop front fascia signage? If so, then let us create for you the ultimate digital shop front and make your business stand out. How? By turning your shop front into a versatile digital canvas creating immersive, moving images that guarantee your shop will leave a lasting and engaging impact with your customers and passers-by alike.

We will even design you a free 10 second animated video with your logo**

We have two stand sizes 156" and 193" with other sizes available on request.*

This is an all-in-one solution and is ready to transform your shop front. You get everything you need including all the small LED tile modules that make up the display, cabinets, which the modules sit in, wall mount, controllers and media player. We will even supply a lifetime License Subscription to our Content Management Software free of charge. This gives you complete remote update to your new shop fascia's content.

 Key features include:

  • Vibrant Eye-catching and engaging Digital Display
  • Exceptional image Quality
  • Ultra high Brightness (6500/8000 cd/m²
  • IP Rated Weatherproof Design
  • Slim, Lightweight cabinets for easy installation
  • Mounting solution included.

We offer a complete installation and additional fabrication service if required and an additional cost. We will look after any Planning permission, Public Access/Traffic Management where required, Additional Electrical work, access equipment and any structural calculations.

* These are diagonal measurements taken from bottom left hand corner to top right hand corner respectively.

**Subject to a supplied vector file of your logo. One round of revision included. Additional content creation services are available at and extra cost.

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