Digital Advertising Display

Digital advertising displays are an innovative form of advertising, fully customisable and hugely beneficial to companies of all sizes. They are the ideal digital signage solution for highlighting your content publicly.

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The benefits of using digital displays for advertising

These sleek tablet-like screens are premium quality and come in unique styles with easy-to-customise features and content. Digital signage screens are the advertising solutions for the future, with many industries using them to enhance their advertising campaigns all year round.

The benefits of using digital signage advertising displays are vast. Here we look at some key advantages of incorporating this innovative technology into your business marketing strategy. It is important to note that digital signage advertising displays have many different features that benefit different businesses. These digital signage solutions offer fully customisable marketing processes designed to attract more business and long-term customers.

Boost Your Customer Base

Digital signage advertising is a highly effective form of advertising. The versatility of digital signage advertising screens allows them to be placed in the optimum position to catch the eyes of potential customers, therefore boosting business. Visual and audio displays that grab the attention of your target audience will expand your customer base and help strengthen your business growth. Static advertising boards have a limited reach and rely on potential customers finding them and taking an interest. Digital methods demand attention with dynamic and engaging content.

High-End Products

The stylish design of digital advertising screens is aesthetically impressive and gives a fantastic impression of a business. They have the latest technology and digital signage advertising solutions, making them shine as high-end products that show you are serious about business advertising. Investing in this state-of-the-art technology shows you are committed to quality and customer engagement, which goes a long way in business.


Digital advertising screens are incredibly durable and long-lasting. The displays are entirely tamper-proof, with no external controls or buttons, and all internal components are protected by edge-to-edge tempered glass. Your screens can be displayed outside your premises without concern about them breaking or being easily damaged.

Stand out from the Competition

With displays that change as often as you require - allowing you to update and improve your advertising strategies - you will be miles ahead of your competitors. Use real-time results and feedback to tailor a more precise and productive advertising campaign. This information and analysis are received quickly with digital display advertising, helping you to stand out from your competitors and have that edge.

Customisable and User-Friendly

These are fully bespoke and customisable products. This means you can update, add, and remove offers and stock availability whenever and from wherever you like. You can also set timers for your displays or have them running 24/7. This is an especially beneficial feature for the hospitality trade, where menus and offers are changed throughout the day. Choose visuals and sounds to suit your business and products and a style that suits your company's tone. Decide whether you want your advertising content to be on a continuous loop or varied throughout the day.

User Friendly

Sending content to your screens is quick and easy, with a choice between plug-and-play USB or James Hogg Display network option with CMS (content management system). Update content remotely and sync information across multiple screens. There are no complex processes involved with digital advertising displays, as they are easy to operate and navigate. Installation is quick and easy. Contact James Hogg Display for further information about the installation of the digital screens we provide.

Increases Advertising Reach

These ultra-modern digital displays are the best way of displaying your business content in public areas. Your customer reach is extended significantly with bold and creative digital signage that is hard to ignore. Bespoke content management means you can target your customer base with tailored advertising in key areas and public spaces for maximum reach and exposure. This advertising method has a much broader reach than traditional methods, leading to greater results.

Engage with Customers

Incorporate features such as social media and news feeds, websites, and TV to engage with your target audience. Relevant content that will get the interest of passers-by could turn browsers into shoppers. Shoppers are more likely to stop and pay attention to relevant and engaging content. You can monitor the media that creates the most attention and use it to craft the most productive advertising campaign for your digital screens. Different media choices make it a fantastic, versatile method of connecting with the right audience for your products and service, including use as digital signs, window displays, digital menu boards and digital posters.

Save Time and Money

Switching to digital administration and advertising via digital screens could significantly reduce your time spent on such tasks. This streamlined way of marketing ensures an efficient strategy with a few clicks of buttons. While digital advertising displays do incur an initial cost, they more than pay for themselves with the increased custom they earn. These displays are a valuable investment with a long-term return. If you are looking for an easier advertising process, switching to digital advertising displays is the solution. Free up admin time and use it more wisely either within the business or at home!

What are digital displays made of?

Digital advertising display screens are incredibly durable. This means they will not be vandalised easily, unlike traditional advertising signage. They are designed with their internal controls protected and no external mechanism that renders the digital screen vulnerable to damage.

Display screens are not comparable to regular TV screens as they are fitted edge-to-edge with tempered glass, offering a high level of protection. The hard-wearing aluminium casing of the digital screen protects all components making these screens an excellent and long-lasting investment.

How do digital signage displays work?

Digital signage screens work by electronically displaying content and information chosen by the user to promote their business effectively. They will showcase and highlight any media you choose and a fully customisable. This advertising method allows the user to seamlessly connect with potential customers through dynamic media and head-turning visual displays.

You can choose between plug-and-play or network options to ensure you get your company's best digital marketing solutions. Sync information across screens and set timers to allow a varied, time-dependent display.

LED Digital Advertising

LED digital advertising displays enable videos, images, and audio playback, either looped or varied. They can either be inside or outdoor screens and are durable and safe. This is a user-friendly and time-saving advertising option that many businesses across the country are employing. Digital display advertising is fast replacing traditional signage and advertising boards, with companies that use digital marketing excelling ahead of their competitors. You can change your marketing strategy based on real-time results without waiting for physical prints to arrive.