Touchscreen Digital Signage

Using touchscreen digital signage is a fantastic method of engaging and interacting with your target audience, providing digital content to them on touch screen digital signage via a content management system.

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Where can you use interactive digital displays?

Interactive touchscreen digital displays are widely used in retail and hospitality locations and in many other public and professional settings. Here are a few examples of where you can utilise interactive digital displays:

  • Restaurants and cafes

Interactive menus are fast becoming popular in restaurant settings and takeaways. The digital display informs you of food choices, ingredients, nutritional information, and availability of food and drink.

  • Retail

Self-service machines and free-standing promotional displays, utilising touch screens, are fast becoming commonplace in many shops, retail stores and retail outlets.

  • Parks, towns, and tourist locations

Maps and guides are extremely useful in public areas. You will find more and more tourist attractions using digital signage touch screen displays to guide visitors.

  • Businesses

Many businesses across all sectors use digital displays in the lounge, foyer, and reception areas to connect with customers and improve their experience. When not in use, they are a highly effective advertising tool, with all types of media able to leap off the screen and snatch attention.

  • Educational settings

Many schools, colleges, universities, and adult learning locations use touchscreen technology.

  • Theatres and concert halls

Offering information on events and amenities, via installations like video walls.

  • Travel

Airports and train stations often use digital signage touch screens to help inform and direct customers.

The benefits of using interactive displays

James Hogg Display offers a top-of-the-range selection of touch screen commercial displays and video walls to help your business thrive in the interactive advertising world, always putting your customers first. Interactive displays are everywhere – shops, stations, resorts, airports, schools, your favourite fast-food outlet – you cannot escape them and with good reason. They hugely benefit businesses and customers as they make information easily accessible, strengthen your brand and increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Here we look at the three key benefits of interactive displays for your business:

Accessible Information

Access information at the touch of a button and easily navigate your way through available options and content. Touchscreen digital displays are fully immersive, innovative, and informative. Tailor your digital signage to professionally showcase the information your potential customer base will require, enabling them to access it quickly. Depending on the touchscreen display you have installed, it may be possible to change its location when business needs and offers change easily.

Engaging With and Helping Customers

Attractive media makes the interactive experience enjoyable and informative for your customers. Creative design using all media forms offers a dynamic user experience. An interactive digital display incorporates audio, images, videos, and text to convey the information directly to your customer. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, our attention spans are dwindling. Interactive displays capture the attention of the user and keeps them engaged.

You’re existing and future customers will have complete control of which information they review with digital touchscreen technology. This means high-quality, relevant content is essential for business success and continued revenue.

Strengthen Your Brand and Reputation

Touchscreen displays are prevalent and a fantastic way of connecting with a broader audience. Use interactive displays for advertising, strengthening your brand, building trust, and communicating with your customer base. Personal touches bespoke to your brand will help to strengthen customer communication and loyalty for the future. Staying ahead with modern technology and proving that you want your customers to have the best possible experience when dealing with your company will put you a cut above your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions - Digital Signage

Where to place digital displays?

Touchscreens have opened the door to a new interactive world in recent years, with many businesses investing in interactive digital displays to boost their brand and customer experience. Touchscreens allow you to connect directly with your customers and enhance their shopping experience. For this reason, digital displays are lucrative when placed at the point of sale in stores, whether for ordering, information, or self-service checkout. If your touchscreen display promotes offers and products, it can be placed anywhere in your store or in an open space to advertise your business. Shopping centres may have multiple touchscreens displays advertising various businesses and locations. Other companies, such as healthcare settings and pharmacies, may choose to display a touchscreen in certain areas of the store. These digital screens can offer whatever information you require – from reviews and product information to deals and stock availability. They could make stock recommendations and capture customer details for future mailshots and newsletters. Wayfinding Wayfinding refers to a system that assists people when they need to get from one place to another. Touchscreen displays are a popular resource for wayfinding and are typically used in outdoor retail environments, tourist locations, large public spaces, hospitals, museums, libraries, casinos, exhibitions, galleries, zoos, festivals, and no doubt many other places! Shopping centres may use touchscreen displays to enable customers to find their way and direct them to points of sale. This is an excellent way to drive business to your door and advertise your goods and services. You will also build trust by directing and informing the user interactively. Infotainment Infotainment is a blend of information and entertainment and is known as ‘Soft news’. The aim of infotainment is simply to inform and entertain. Facts and information do not have to be boring! Making them entertaining is a great way to speak directly to your target market. The leisure, entertainment and hospitality industries capitalise on digital touchscreens by showcasing seasonal offers and information. Eye-catching advertisements are a successful way of grabbing customers’ attention and promoting your brand. Another form of ‘infotainment’ is digital whiteboards that can be used in educational settings as well as offices and boardrooms, and well, everywhere in between.

Where to place digital display totems?

Digital display totems are digital advertising screens widely used within the retail industry and for exhibitions and trade shows. They create striking and sophisticated promotional displays that demand attention. Digital display totems are single-sided, free-standing digital advertising boards that vibrantly display slideshows of images and videos with or without the use of audio. Digital display totems inject a superior, modern feel and help your brand stand out among the competition. These displays can be moved around to suit your business needs.

How is the touchscreen digital display made?

Resistive touch is the traditional and most widely used touchscreen technology. This works by using panels to detect the changes in the resistance to current when a certain point is touched. Touchscreen digital display panels have two layers, with the top one being made of plastic film and the bottom one being made from glass. Pushing the film connects with the glass, completing a circuit. Electrical conductors cover the plastic and glass, and these are either metal wires or transparent conductor material. Although these displays may sound intricate, the user experience is seamlessly smooth and easy to navigate. Everything comes together behind the scenes to provide the perfect interactive experience for your customers. James Hogg creates professional, sleek, and durable touchscreen displays designed to be long-lasting, reliable, and highly efficient.

Is it durable?

The simple answer is yes – interactive digital signage solutions are durable. It is easy to assume that anything made with a type of glass will be delicate and fragile, but this is not the case. The edge-to-edge protective coating ensures our touchscreen devices are protected, durable and long-lasting.