Video Walls

A video wall is a special multi-monitor installation that can include multiple high-resolution display panels tiled together with a processing system and a controller. These components work together to form a single large display.

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What are LED video walls?

There are many benefits attached to investing in LED video walls for your business. An LED video wall is a large digital display that consists of LED screens. These screens are made from LEDs of light-emitting diodes, which can display videos, text, images, and other graphics. There are no clearly visible junctions between the modules or screens used to create a video wall.

Video wall technology

The evolution of technology has made LED video walls more impressive and detailed than ever. Innovations like sharp 4K resolution have enabled businesses to create seamless displays that create an incredible atmosphere and encourage shoppers to purchase more. Another benefit of video walls is that the software used to power them ensures that key information can be updated at any point. It’s easier than you might think to manage the content that you display on LED video walls, and you don’t need to worry about getting to grips with complicated hardware. You can simply update your content via the internet.

Where to use video walls?

Video walls are used by a wide range of companies and organisations. These include

  •   retail stores and shopping malls
  •   hotels and lobbies
  •   bars
  •   control rooms
  •   broadcasters
  •   automotive showroom
  •   airport baggage departments
  •   schools, universities, and colleges
  •   museums
  •   corporate interiors.

There are many options available when it comes to screen size, pixel pitches, LED models, and LED video wall solutions. A video wall installation provider can work closely alongside you to find the right installation for your specific requirements.

Is building a video wall affordable?

Video walls have fallen in price over the years and are more cost-effective than you might think. This has resulted in more and more companies and organisations investing in video walls over recent years. One of the main reasons for these falling prices is that there is a great deal of competition between hardware suppliers. Printed marketing collateral is no longer as effective as it once was when it comes to driving sales, but investing in colourful and richly detailed moving picture walls can encourage your customers to spend much more.

What are the effects on customers?

In today’s world, individuals have more access to information than ever before. If you’re running a customer-facing enterprise and need a new way to attract your customers' attention from the very moment they walk through your doors, one of the best steps you can take is to invest in a video wall installation.


Are video walls just for retailers?

Although video walls can have a very powerful effect when it comes to showcasing products and driving sales, they can also serve many other purposes. For instance, they can also be used as shared platforms that make communication much more effective between colleagues, departments and sites.  They are often used by emergency services, including the police and healthcare control rooms. If you are looking for an effective way to optimise communication between your people and ensure they’re receiving all the accurate, up-to-date information that they require, a video wall installation could be ideal for your requirements. Video walls can even be used to share information across a site, nationally and even globally.

Video wall vs projected images

Many clients are opting for video walls over projected images due to the high resolutions on offer. Video walls are ideal for displaying amazingly detailed 4k content. Each time you add an extra panel or display to your wall, the resolution improves. The images that you see on video walls can be controlled by a software PC, video card, or hardware controller.

How to build large video walls?

Video wall installation kits can be used to build large video walls. Video wall installation sizes are available to meet a wealth of needs. You can install video walls yourself or ask for help from an installation specialist. These include options up to and including 12 x 12 panel displays. There are three different-sized multi-screen wall-mounted kits to choose from, and each kit includes a digital screen, cables, a splitter, and a wall mounting bracket. Read on to find out more about what makes video wall installations from James Hogg so beneficial for your business.

The future of video wall solutions

Video walls have become part of the fabric of the high-street shopping experience over recent years. Many people have found themselves wandering into stores just to see these highly immersive, inspirational, colourful, and vibrant displays up close. These huge displays can stretch from floor to ceiling and even beyond. The fast-paced graphics and bright colours on video walls have truly enhanced the retail experience and encouraged vast amounts of consumers to shop offline and online. According to research, the value of the in-store digital signage industry is expected to reach over £23 billion by 2028.

Showcase your values and boost communication

Video walls are making it much easier for retailers to showcase their brand values and products whilst embracing innovation. In fact, another study found that 80% of customers have entered a store because digital signage has won their interest. It seems that the popularity of the huge in-store digital display is showing no signs of slowing down, yet the technology also offers fantastic benefits if you’re based outside of the retail industry and are looking for a new way to inspire your guests and colleagues whilst ensuring clear, consistent communication is a breeze.

Display video in style with LED video walls

LED video wall displays offer a fantastic way to tell your brand story, create an amazing visual spectacle and deliver a fantastic first impression, especially when you have new customers or guests to win over. You can spread one source of content across several screens or showcase multiple content sources. Whether you need something for part of or an entire wall, video wall solutions are available. Expect outstanding image quality as individual displays come together to create a huge visual spectacle.

About James Hogg video wall solutions

At James Hogg Display, we have decades of industry experience to draw upon and are passionate about helping our clients to make the most of the latest technological advancements. 

Our wall mounted kits include

  • digital screen
  • cables
  • splitter
  • wall mounting bracket
  • year Return to Base (RTB) warranty

We offer seamless high-definition panels that are scalable and easy to install and video wall hire services for one-off events and promotions. If you have great content that you feel would look simply outstanding on a large-format digital display, we are here for you. Ongoing support is always available so you can continue to make the most of your video wall display solution.

An enhanced warranty is also available and is subject to each specific enquiry. Each kit we provide comes with a 3-year Return to Base (RTB) warranty and has been carefully specified to enhance the viewer experience.

Video wall clients

We provide video wall installation services for a wide range of clients. Help is available whether you are a retailer wishing to showcase your products in the best possible light, a restaurant manager or owner who wishes to show off their very best delicacies or any other type of client for whom a large video wall screen would be highly beneficial. We offer comprehensive technical assistance including site survey, set-up, configuration, calibration and handover.


4 x 4 46" portrait wall mounted vide wall