Mobile Outdoor 47" Free-standing Digital Advertising Poster


We've taken our already and very successful outdoor 47" Digital free-standing display and made it mobile! Careful engineering and some rather clever design has removed almost half the weight of the existing outdoor display to create a truly mobile, plug and play digital advertising poster for any outdoor location.

How? The re-engineered enclosure is manufactured from graded aluminium reducing the weight of a traditional steel enclosure. The 47" Digital Advertising Display is fully IP65 rated protecting it against wet weather conditions and total dust ingress. The screen is detachable from the main stand for maintenance. The single power cable runs down through the centre of the display terminating at the base for connection to a local power supply.

The display comes with its own handy trolley with lifting bars to ensure safe handling on and off the trolley.

Other unique benefits include:

  1. Sunlight readable screen. Sunlight is the single issue to overcome with any digital outdoor display so our displays are 4 times brighter than your standard TV at home.
  2. Climate control. Each display has an advanced built-in temperature control system allowing constant operation in any outdoor environment meaning every internal component in your new display remains at optimum working temperature throughout its working life.
  3. Anti-reflective glass. You know what it's like trying to look at your smart phone in daylight with all the reflections interfering with your viewing pleasure that's why your new display comes with anti-reflective glass to diffuse direct sunlight reflecting on the screen surface.
  4. Built-in Media Player. No need to worry about how to get content to your display. Each display has a built-in media player allowing you to run content from a USB memory stick. Simply create a playlist and save as either a JPG or MP4 file, upload, remove USB and watch your content come to life in brilliant high definition. 
  5. Active screen area. Your display screen is just over A1 portrait in size at 1045mm high x 590mm wide.
  6. All components are commercial grade and built for this special display. You can run content day and night 24 hours 7 days a week even when you are closed.
  7. Ideal for mobile outdoor events through out the year.
  8. Available in a choice of colours.  


Overall size 1920mm high x 835mm wide x 800mm deep. 

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