Digital Window Display

Digital window displays are display screens that present your digital advertising to potential customers that pass your storefront. Businesses of all sizes and sectors successfully use digital window displays to boost customer interest and draw people into their premises and enjoy what you offer.

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The benefits of using digital window displays

Digital display screens are a versatile and innovative marketing tool. They have endless advertising options to help boost your business and build your brand. The screens can electronically play tailored advertisements, videos, images, touch screen options, audio, text, and traditional digital signage information, all fully customisable by the user. This creates limitless in-store advertising possibilities that conventional advertising cannot compete with. A shop or office window should be well-presented but also informative – it pays to make the most of display space, particularly when it can attract valuable customers. Digital window displays allow businesses to market to all who pass creatively and dynamically.

Some of the benefits of using digital window displays include the following:

Engage With Your Target Audience

Targeted media displays that engage with potential customers and convey your business message will snatch the attention of people passing. Eye-catching movement and digital displays will turn heads. A vibrant piece of digital signage offers a few moments of informative entertainment and can often peek customer interest leading to sales. You can use words, pictures, sound, text, and video to convey your brand message and promote your offers to a broad audience. You can also monitor the success of certain displays and tailor them accordingly. Static advertising boards often go unnoticed and do not grab attention effectively like digital window displays do. Digital displays appeal to all generations due to their interactive elements and creative appeal.

Fully Customisable

The beauty of digital advertising is that you have complete control over the output. Whether your marketing campaign involves looped media or varied content, you can pre-set timers to display different information throughout the day or set it to repeat. Amending your screens to reflect your offers and stock hugely benefits businesses with many variables, such as hospitality or travel agents. This saves an incredible amount of time by updating promotions electronically and significantly reduces administration.

Streamlines Advertising

In this fast-paced technological world, business needs to move fast to stay ahead of the game. Streamlining your advertising and administration process will give time and money back to your business. The user-friendly swift upload features of digital display screens allow fast advertising solutions. Time is money, and less time spent on physical advertising displays and installation means more time spent on growing your business. You will also be able to quickly analyse the effectiveness of your digital marketing and change it, when necessary, without having to rely on other parties, delivery of signage or authorisation.


Although there is an initial layout for digital window displays, they more than pay for themselves quickly in the extra revenue they will attract. Well-managed advertising campaigns using digital displays will lead to an increase in long-term valuable customers. Using digital screens is a highly effective method of converting browsers into shoppers.

Professional and Stylish

The sleek aesthetical design of outdoor digital signage is an excellent way of demonstrating the style and tone of your business. Customers will take you seriously as a strong brand if they see you have invested time and money into effective advertising streams that talk directly to them. The ability to update content as often as you require means you can change with the times and display lucrative advertising that is productive and slick rather than repetitive and outdated.

Strengthens Brand

Get your message across and create memorable advertising campaigns that strengthen your brand. Logos, creative media, engaging text and professional marketing streams will all serve to grow your brand and show you are serious about connecting with a wider potential customer base. Getting your name out there has never been easier, and digital display screens are the ideal platform to do just that.

Beat the Competition

Turn browsers into buyers while competitors use static advertising methods and less innovative engagement tools. While many businesses are advancing towards digital advertising, others rely on traditional methods and investing in digital display windows is a great way to get ahead. Using this state-of-the-art technology will raise the bar for competitors and show you are serious about connecting with a broader audience.

Fewer Cables

Digital window displays receive power through a rod system, meaning no messy cables cluttering your storefront. The future is wireless, and cables and wires are untidy and unwelcome in most environments, so digital rod-powered screens offer a much more presentable look.


These displays are easy to use with step-by-step instructions. This means you can bring your advertising plans to life with the press of some buttons either on-site or remotely. No training is involved with this technology, and everything is easily accessible. Staff can alter promotions swiftly when needed, and screens can be synced.

Where can you use a digital display screen and window displays?

Digital display screens or a digital signage solution is used across many sectors, with a rapidly growing number of industries utilising these fantastic advertising tools. You will see them in the windows of business premises on any high street, town or shopping centre, demanding attention with vibrant digital displays of text, media, imagery, video, and audio. They can be used in any setting for advertising or simply as information screens. Examples of places you may see digital window displays include:

  •   Retail stores and outlets
  •   Medical settings
  •   Leisure centres and gyms
  •   Theatre, music, and entertainment venues
  •   Foyer and reception areas
  •   Hospitality venues
  •   Estate agents
  •   Private healthcare practises
  •   Showrooms
  •   Banks
  •   Travel agents
  •   Educational settings
  •   And so many more places.

One of the fantastic advantages of using digital display screens is that you can choose the specific type of screen to suit your business needs. Selecting the right technology for your company is crucial to ensure you invest in an advertising strategy that will deliver a significant return. The dynamic qualities of these screens offer endless marketing opportunities, whichever option you choose, but different settings will benefit from different styles. There are three key types of digital window display screens, which are:

  • Digital photo display screen
  • Digital display screen for advertising
  • Wall-mounted digital display screen useful for real estate agents, retailers, banks, showrooms etc.

James Hogg Display provides top-of-the-range digital advertising screens to suit all businesses. Digital signage screens are an increasingly popular choice with companies and with good reason – they are a lucrative addition to any marketing strategy and provide an exceptional return on your investment. Craft your own digital signage display, unique to your business, and stand out from your competitors.

Double-sided window displays

What is even more is that if you want to go big, then double-sided window displays are an excellent choice for your business. Double-sided digital screens with an outward and inward facing screen allow your business to gain onlookers’ attention with the front-facing screen, and once they are through the door, the inward-facing digital screen takes over to reinforce your advertising. Double-side window displays are sunlight-readable screens that attract interest both outside and inside your premises.

These screens provide optimum exposure for your business and brand, with bright and creative content on inward and outward-facing top-quality smart screens. The outward-facing screen is there to entice, and the inward screen is there to educate and seal the deal, leading to sales and business growth. Some customers may simply be browsing your store. Inward-facing screens will help them make an informed decision about the products and services on offer and let them know of any promotions they can use.

Double-sided window displays have all the benefits listed above, with the added bonus of an extra screen. They are sleek, easily customised, and managed, productive, engaging and look fantastic in any window. Show your customers you are serious about connecting with them with creative media displays and relevant product information.

James Hogg Display offers a range of premium digital window displays to suit all storefronts and all business sectors. These state-of-the-art digital screens are a real game changer for businesses all over the country, propelling them forward in the marketing world and yielding outstanding results.