Retail Merchandise Units

Retail merchandise units (also known as a RMUs) are quality-crafted mobile display units businesses use to showcase electronics, jewelry, fashion items, food, floristry or other goods. These portable units are a fantastic way to promote your products and boost sales at both indoor and outdoor events.

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Cost effective way to set up a pop up shop

A retail merchandising unit is a cost-effective way of setting up a productive and successful pop-up shop. RMUs are easy to transport and set up and offer an attractive arrangement for customers to browse and buy. Pop-up shops are hugely popular at many locations across the country, and James Hogg Display has the ideal retail merchandising unit for all sectors and events. They are available in varying sizes and designs to suit all industries and budgets. These mobile product displays can be moved to any location, making them far more accessible than a traditional, static store or unit.

Examples of locations where an RMU would be a perfect set-up include the following:

  • Shopping arcades or malls
  • Trade shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Campaign events and fundraisers
  • Community fairs
  • Markets
  • Airports
  • Entertainment events, such as gigs, festivals, or sports shows
  • Corporate events
  • Train stations
  • Roadside selling sites such as boot sales

Benefits of Retail Merchandising Units

RMUs are affordable and long-lasting, making them a perfect addition to any shop’s marketing strategy. Here we look at just some of the benefits of incorporating RMUs into your business.


RMUs are easy to transport, meaning you can set up your marketing display quickly and professionally in any location. This manoeuvrability means you can construct your pop-up shop in areas not accessible to your static competitors. Static stores cannot easily be transported in the back of a vehicle, but RMUs offer that option, meaning, in theory, you can erect your mobile shop anywhere.

Plan Ahead

You can place your retail merchandising unit in areas of heavy people traffic and plan ahead for events to attract substantial footfall. Retail merchandising units let you bring your store to your customers rather than waiting for them to find you. If you are aware of events that will either attract your target customers or a general heavy footfall, you can plan ahead to ensure you bring the right products and set-up for maximum success. You can also plan your set-up spot and book ahead before researching the event. This will provide valuable information on the best advertising strategy to employ once you are there.

Cost Effective

Advertising and selling your products or services from a retail merchandising unit is an affordable alternative to renting a unit for a traditional store. For small businesses or ones just starting out and testing the water, RMUs offer a fantastic and cost-effective way of growing your customer base. Your running costs and overheads will be minimal, allowing maximum profit. While you will have an initial charge for the unit, it will pay for itself in revenue once you successfully use the marketing tools that best suit your business. A professional display of your products will attract potential long-term customers who are likely to spread the word.

Engage with a Larger Audience

Strategically placed retail merchandising units will be at the centre of a steady flow of potential customers. They will see what your business offers in all its glory and can ask questions and inspect the products. You can add that personal touch by chatting and engaging with shoppers. Customers that may not have taken the time to walk into your static store could find your products eye-catching when on display in open areas. Sometimes people are not sure what they are looking for until they see it and perhaps do not have time to venture off and find physical stores. RMUs allow ultimate customer engagement by bringing your store to them.


RMUs offer adaptability that static stores do not. The flexibility available with RMUs helps you tailor your selling and marketing plan to ensure maximum results. You can quickly amend displays if it seems some products are more popular than others or, indeed, if something sells out. You can alternate your products on show depending on the time of day or potential customer base. Easily customising your RMU means you can be on the ball with customer demands and ultimately increase your revenue.

Types of retail merchandising units

As with all business marketing tools, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. There are three key types of retail merchandising units. These are:

  • Retail kiosks - A retail merchandise unit is the perfect platform to promote your products and services. They allow you to network and make direct contact with customers who otherwise may not have visited your store. These are perfect in retail spaces such as stations, malls, airports, and trade shows and provide a significant income stream for businesses of all sizes and sectors. These cost-effective, portable, attractive units showcase your business USP most dynamically and professionally, reaching potential customers as they pass. Many small businesses just starting out choose to display their innovative products using RMUs with great success. These units offer a flattering space for your products to shine and are fully customisable by you. James Hogg Display designs, build and install bespoke retail merchandising units for all industries and market trends. You can choose the design of your RMU depending on your budget and business requirements, with some offering interactive touch screens and state-of-the-art digital advertising features.
  • Pop-up shops – Pop-up shops are perfect for small businesses and franchises that attend shows and events regularly. These innovative units allow the user to erect their store quickly and effectively, making the ideal display that flatters their products and services superbly. Get the arrangement, lighting and positioning just read to lock in maximum interest and sales.
  • Brand/influencers promotion – A retail merchandising unit is not just used to showcase products. They are also a highly effective way of promoting your brand, your course or even yourself in your retail space. Perhaps you are an ambassador for a company, an influencer, or you simply want to raise awareness for a cause. Custom-made RMUs allow you to fully customise your unit to suit its purpose. Choose between high or low-level units and basic or more complex designs depending on your required features.

Custom made pop up shops and RMUs

James Hogg has a VUE retail kiosk to suit all business needs. For small and large businesses alike, these RMUs benefit reputable businesses with a firmly established customer base as well as start-ups looking to connect with their target audience, but on a huge scale. Below are just some of the RMU products available through James Hogg, all of which come with full support and customisation. The VUE is James Hogg’s unique retail merchandise unit range offering versatile display options for your products.

Whether you are looking for a custom-made pop-up shop or an affordable way to set up a retail merchandising unit, you are sure to find it here. These sleek and stylish designs are eye-catching, modern, and flexible. This a golden and profitable investment for any business looking to branch out into the mobile shop world. You can choose unit sizes to suit your products and get the best result from your stock display. With different styles and finishes available, you are sure to find the unit perfect for you.