Outdoor TV Enclosures

Outdoor TV enclosures are weatherproof and waterproof screen protectors that enable you to watch your TV in your backyard, garden, or other outdoor spaces.

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The perks of having a waterproof outdoor TV

Outdoor TV enclosures have become incredibly popular over recent years. They enable you to place any standard indoor TV set into an outdoor space. If you are a bar or club owner and want an easy-install wall-mounted enclosure, a TV shield is a right solution for you. You can also install them in gardens, backyards, pools, and other outdoor environments. One of the big benefits of outdoor TV enclosures is that they are waterproof and weatherproof, which means they can remain in use no matter whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling down. They are dust and tamper-proof too.

What are TV enclosures made of

To achieve total weather and water resistance, each TV enclosure has been designed in a way that all moving parts have a water-resistant seal. Not only does this prevent the ingress of water but also other elements like dirt, dust, snow, and in some extreme environments, oil, and grease.

Ventilation is achieved using marine-grade aluminum side ventilation slots, allowing a steady flow of air, preventing a build-up of moisture and condensation whilst at the same time venting heat generated from the TV screen. Power cables pass easily through a sealed gland located at the base of the enclosure.

Each enclosure is made from Shatter-resistant ultra-clear Lexan Polycarbonate clear front panel.

To help protect your TV from theft, all enclosures have a riveted hinged front panel, anti-tampering access using dual chambered key locks for security and easy access, giving you a well-engineered outdoor TV enclosure that is tamper and theft-resistant.

What to look for when buying a TV shield

When you're looking for an outdoor TV enclosure, seek out something which:

  • has anti-glare glass solutions that work well in direct sunlight
  • is impact resistant,
  • easy to setup
  • can fit standard TVs
  • and is UV resistant, water resistant

Outdoor TV enclosure DIY

Before you go ahead and mount your outdoor TV set and the protective enclosure, you need to decide which part of your external space you want to place it in. You’ll also need to take measurements of your TV and its enclosure.

 You’ll also need to consider what mount you want to use. Numerous options are available to you, including flat, full motion, and tilt mounts. Find out the combined weight of your TV and enclosure and ensure the mount you want to use is strong enough. Follow the manufacturer’s manual carefully to ensure you complete the mounting process correctly.

Can any TV be added to an enclosure?

The vast majority of modern TV sets can be protected by weatherproof outdoor TV cabinets. This is why you may have seen so many differently sized TV sets being used outdoors in pub beer gardens and other environments.

Will the TV be bright enough for people to view it comfortably?

You can make adjustments to your settings to ensure the picture is visible outdoors, but yes, the TV will be bright enough, even in sunny weather. The higher or brighter the unit is, the better it will look when you place your set outside. No matter what kind of TV you use outdoors, it’s always best to adjust the backlight, contrast, and brightness to get the best picture.

Should I use an enclosure if I have a covered patio?

Even if you are adding your TV to a covered patio, installing it inside an enclosure is best. This is because the electronics could still be damaged by rain or dust. It’s also possible that outdoor bugs could find their way into your TV and damage it.

Can I add anything else to my outdoor TV enclosure?

It’s common for people to add small devices and appliances to their outdoor TV enclosure alongside the main TV set itself. Most enclosures give you enough space for devices like Apple TV and Roku boxes. These cabinets are designed to be easily opened and closed so you can quickly access these devices when needed. This means you can also gain quick access to the TV set itself if you encounter a technical problem or need to replace it.

Can a regular TV be put outside?

A regular TV can be used outside, but only if you use an outdoor tv enclosure. A regular TV shouldn't be exposed to rain and wind, as it can't stand the harsh environmental condition. You can buy a weatherproof TV designed specifically for exterior use, but they are quite expensive.

How do I weatherproof my TV outside?

Placing a TV inside an outdoor TV enclosure is the only way to protect it from the elements. More and more people are installing outdoor TV enclosures to defend their sets from extreme temperatures as well as rain, snow, dust, dirt, and moisture.

How do I protect my outdoor TV from humidity?

An outdoor TV enclosure can also protect your TV set from humidity when you're using it outdoors. This is because enclosures have ventilation facilities built into them.

How do I make my TV an outdoor TV?

The easier and cheapest way to make your indoor TV an outdoor TV is to place it inside an enclosure. This is much cheaper than purchasing a TV set that's specifically designed for outdoor use and can give you just the same amount of protection.