Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are used to display electronic versions of menus for outlets like cafes, restaurants, and takeaway businesses. These digital menu screens can help you drive sales and update menus whenever you need.

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Are digital menu boards worth it?

Digital menu boards have become very popular with cafes, restaurants and takeaway outlets over recent years. Not only do they enable you to display your menus in a modern manner, but you can also amend those menus whenever you like. This ensures you can easily update the menus to add special offers, discounts, promotions and any other information that you need to present to your customers. If you’re ready to modernise your menus, digital menu signage is for you. Our digital menu boards enable you to create an exciting and dynamic visual experience that will inspire your customers and increase brand loyalty. You can even add video footage, moving images, audio and animations to your digital menu signage boards. When you stack multiple digital menu boards together you'll get a virtually seamless display thanks to the superb image quality and superior image precision.

Picking the right digital signage?

As a digital menu board supplier, we will work closely alongside you to bring your vision to reality. We will also provide assistance with installation, digital signage templates and deliver ongoing support that ensures your boards serve you well for years to come. Digital menus can be created via the use of software like Photoshop and PowerPoint. Once you’re happy with the design and the information on your digital menu board, you can export this to the board via a USB stick or a content management system.

How does a digital menu board work?

Digital menus work the same way as most digital signage products. CMS software is combined with the hardware and your content to create the ideal immersive digital menu board experience for your business needs.

Where can I use digital menu boards?

Digital menu boards can be used anywhere on or outside your business premises. You can place them on tables, in your bar area, and even use them externally on your terraces, patios, or in beer gardens. They have become very popular in cafes, restaurants, and takeaways over recent years, enabling businesses to create immersive multimedia experiences which generate more revenue and brand loyalty.

Digital menus for restaurants

If you’re looking for digital sigange for restaurants, there are many options available to you. One of the key benefits of digital menu boards is that the content can be regularly updated. This is ideal for any eatery that frequently makes changes to its menu or has special offers to showcase to its customers. Perhaps you have a weekly menu board and regularly change the dishes? If so, a digital menu board may be perfect for your needs.

Fast food digital menu boards

Digital signage has become very popular amongst fast food outlets selling products like pizzas and burgers.  Digital screens can deliver a more immersive customer experience and encourage customers to choose you over the competition. There are many options available to you if you’re looking for takeaway menu boards. Take a look at the menu boards suitable for takeaway retailers today.

Digital drive-thru menu boards

Digital drive-thru menu boards allow you to display your latest offers and most exciting products to your customers before they proceed with a purchase. The menus can encourage motorists to purchase more than they had previously planned and therefore help you boost your profitability. We can supply you with large, colourful digital drive-thru menu boards that capture the attention of everyone that passes by them.

Coffee shop menu board

Digital menu boards for cafes and coffee shops are designed to generate more custom and inspire your customers to spend more whilst on your premises. Rather than simply offering a traditional static paper-based menu to your customers, why not showcase your products via colourful, exciting menu boards with moving images and the very latest news, information and special offers that you are currently promoting?

Outdoor digital menu boards

Outdoor digital menu boards that are designed to stand up to everything our climate can throw at them. These digital menu boards for outdoor use can help you win the attention of passers-by and generate more custom than you may have otherwise received. They also ensure you can easily cater for customers who prefer to eat or drink outside during the warmer months of the year.

Digital signage menu boards installation

Digital display screens are available in various sizes including 32”, 43”, 50” and 55”. The boards are available in portrait or landscape, and it’s perfectly possible to synchronise multiple screens so that you can showcase the same information to more people at the same time. You can schedule start-up and shutdown times each day to avoid wasting energy, and you can also schedule breakfast, lunch and evening menus automatically, so you don’t need to make changes manually when your offers change throughout the day. You can use digital menu boards to display both images and videos. Some digital menu boards also come with speakers that enable you to play audio through them. You can either update the content using a Plug and Play USB stick or by using the CMS with the display’s built-in Wi-Fi/ethernet. Our digital menu boards are suitable for use with wall mounts, floor stands or ceiling mounts. There are numerous ways to update the content on your digital sigange.

Frequently Asked Questions - Digital Signage

How to get content onto the digital menu boards?

You can update the content on your digital menu boards by either using a USB memory stick or via the cloud. This ensures you can display the very latest information about your products and offers quickly, with a minimum of fuss. If you use a USB stick, you can even update the content on your digital menu board when no internet connection is available.

How much do digital menu boards cost?

The price that you pay for a digital menu board will depend on various factors, including the size of the board itself and the functionality it offers. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have more to spend on the most advanced digital menu board, options are available.

What is the best software for digital menu boards?

Various types of software can be used to add content to digital menu boards. Some of the most popular types of software for creating content for digital menu boards include Photoshop and Illustrator. However, it’s possible to create digital menu board content by using something as simple as Microsoft PowerPoint.