The 55" Double sided Android Free-standing Digital Display Poster


No, you're not seeing double. This is our new, Special Edition, 50" double sided free standing display. Benefiting from two built-in media players. This display lets you deliver double the content across two huge 50" portrait screens back to back. Play your pictures and videos by simply inserting a pre-loaded USB memory stick into the side of the display, allow the update to finish and then remove the memory stick.  

Watch how your content comes to life playing on a continuous loop. How easy is that? 

Or you can opt for our fully networked display giving you remote access to download your content from any location using our cloud based content management software.


Overall size:

1850mm high x 770mm wide x 437mm deep at base.

Ideal locations for this range include supermarket foyer areas, department stores for concession product promotions, automotive showrooms, shopping centres for information and way finding, banks, gymnasiums, train/bus stations for travel information, hospitals, museums, cinema foyer area's for film promotions, hotel lobbies and corporate reception foyers, QSR's and Restaurants.

Delivery Options

Standard Delivery: 3 working days (Included in the price)

Dedicated Delivery: Within 5 Working days. The product is installed on site and all packaging removed. (Additional £180.00 + vat)

Important note: WiFi option requires a license subscription 


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