Pop-Out Landscape Video Wall Mount

This exclusive and new Pop-Out landscape video wall mount will support screen sizes from 37" up to and including 70" so no more mounting upgrades as you decide on your final display screen size.
These mounts are commercial grade manufactured and will fit our entire range of video wall screens. With standard push-to-close and push-to-open action these video mounts feature micro adjustments in both vertical and horizontal planes allowing for perfect adjustment particularly when installing ultra-thin bezel displays.
With a profile depth of only 130-294mm and a weight capacity of 70kgs (154lbs) these unique mounts not only look the part they are easy to install with effortless cable and electrical access.
Additional benefits include:
  • Suitable for most 46" to 70" Display Screens with a maximum weight capacity of 70kgs (154lbs)
  • Tilting micro capacity -3 degree to +5 degree
  • Pop-out depth 165mm
  • Will fit mounting pitch patterns up to 600mm x 400mm
  • Maximum VESA mount pattern 600mm x 400mm
  • Maximum hole pitch pattern 750mm x 450mm
  • Profile depth from wall 130-294mm
  • Open design aesthetics creating easy access for electrical and cable management
  • Anti-theft security


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