8" Facial Recognition Thermometer Display

by James Hogg Display

This is our all-in-one facial recognition thermometer display, comprising of a 24/7 IPS panel, dual lens optical recognition camera, a thermal imaging module, an indication light, optional RFID/NFC integration and even the software to control, record and monitor all the functionality.

With built-in cooling fans this all-in-one display uses Melexis thermal imaging technology to maximise accuracy reading the user's temperature in 1.8 seconds even when wearing a mask. The whole process is completely contactless ensuring safety and containment.

Other benefits include:

  • Strip Light indicator (Green for acceptance and Red for rejection)
  • Mask detection system
  • Accurate thermal imaging
  • All-in-one hardware and software Solution
  • Synchronise with existing networks such as door or ticking systems
  • Fever Alarm
  • Robust metal enclosure
  • Clock in/out functionality
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) for ID card reader access.
  • Various mounting options (desk, floor or wall)
  • Additional hand sanitiser add-on

Overall unit size (Desk top version) 365mm(h) x 133mm(w) without base.

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