49" 4 x 4 Panel Video Wall

This 49" LED Backlit Seamless 4 x 4 Video Wall mounted display commands any environment its selected for. Just over 4m wide x 2.3m the image area gives a fully immersive viewer experience.
This Video Wall Display comes complete with Low-profile Landscape Wall Mounts, HDMI cables and Splitter. Add either a media player or PC and connected HDMI cable to drive content to your new display. 
We have additional wall mounting solutions here for easy access and maintenance especially useful for custom built environments.
The display requires no additional configuration software because each video screen has its own integrated video matrix processor. Simply put this video wall configures each screen signal automatically delivering perfectly seamless image quality across all four screens. Each screen can also support its own separate content if desired and support both landscape and portrait orientation.
Units Size - 4310mm wide x 2417.2mm high
Active Area - 4296mm wide x 2403.2mm high
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1920 x 1080

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