2 Metre Digital Mannequin Display


Each digital mannequin is supplied as a complete kit, requiring no on-site assembly, with integrated hardware located within a powder coated, steel, free-standing frame. 

Digital Mannequin as a complete plug and go solution. (Installation is priced separately)

Content can be either uploaded locally via SD card, LAN or remotely using our Wifi media player connected to our annual license subscription cloud-based server to deliver your content remotely from anywhere in the world. (First-year license is included) subsequent annual license £75.00 per + Vat

The active image area is 2036mm high x 573mm wide, 32:9 aspect ratio with only 200w power consumption and 5.7mm image to image bezel.

Additional features include:-

  • Smart temperature Control System - Owing to the 24/7 operational use Digital Mannequins' internal fans ensure a sustained and operational long life even allowing you to control the temperature range for which these fans remain active.
  • Input Options - Each Digital Mannequin comes complete with powerful interface multiple input solutions including HDMI, VGA, DVI, RGB/HV, Composite Video, and YPbPr.
  • Power Timer - Allows you to reduce the power consumption during out of hours when the display is not required. (For example in-store locations) You can set daily or weekly On/Off times.
  • Commercial Graded Digital information Display - Digital Mannequin screen hardware has improved brightness (standard 450cd/m2) compared to a regular LCD panel. Also prevents screen burn which is synonymous with constant use and with its Super Pattern Vertical alignment ensures clarity in 178 degrees viewing from any direction.

Digital Mannequin must be located on a solid flat surface and will require a four-way power supply. 

For further information and support please contact us or 0330 333 6106



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