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Bring Your Shop Front Fascia to life with this all-in-one outdoor DV-LED  Digital Shop Fascia Solution.

This is our 156" P4 DV-LED Display rerady to transform your store front. The overall unit size is 3840mm long x 960mm high x 68mm deep and comes complete with all the LED tile modules, cabinets, wall mount, controllers, media player and a Lifetime License subscription to our very own cloud-based content management software or CMS 

We can even adapt this solution to fit your specific size of shop front. Installation can be done directly or assisted by our team of engineers to ensure a hassle free set-up and maintenance provided where necessary.

Amazing Image Quality

State of the art Surface Mounted Device (SMD)-LED technology delivering amazing image quality across a seamless, vibrant non- distorted display area. Advancing Video processing technology result in a truly remarkable viewing experience.

High Brightness

This display is sunlight readable (6500cd/m²) even in direct sunlight making your shop fascia stand.

Remote Updates

With our own cloud based CMS you take full control over when your content is seen. Publish and track your content from any location with an internet connection using our online portal ensuring your content strays relevant and up-to-date. we will even provide you with templates, getting started video guides and online training at a no cost option.

Dynamic Content 

Each Digital Shop Fascias support a number of dynamic formats including video and animation further helping you create that engagement with passers-by.


Manufactured with a robust aluminium enclosure to protect the display from all weather conditions. The outer casing is IP65 rated which keeps out airborne fragments, dust and other particles.

Lightweight Design.

An installers dream. This units are light weight making these LED Tiles easy to install and reducing the stress on the mounting structure.


Each display includes a variety of technological advances to maximise the duration and high quality standards to ensure your digital shop fascia remains operational throughout its lifespan. Each solution comes with its own UK Commercial 3 Year RTB Warranty, 24/7 usage and over a 100,00 hours of operation.


When maintenance is required there is no dismantling involved. With a cleaver little vacuum tool  each tile can be accessed from the front making servicing easier.

Mounting Bracket

Our all-in-one solution comes with its own mounting solution. made from a series of horizontal and vertical struts your new Fascia can be installed cut to the size of your display.

Viewing Angle

You don't need to worry about awkward viewing angles. At 140⁰ your new digital fascia ensures unparalleled viewing experience with vibrant colours, sharp contract and minute detail.  

Contrast Ratio

Your DV-LED Digital Shop Fascia comes with ultra-high contrast ratio delivering deeper blacks, vivid colours and clear visibility across the complete display without sacrificing brightness. 

It is recommended that a site survey completed prior to installation.

Installation is an additional cost and now allowance has been made for the following:

  • Additional Fabrication
  • Planning Permission
  • Public Access/Traffic Management where required
  • Additional Electrical work if power is not readily available
  • Access Equipment
  • Structural Calculations where applicable


156" P4 Digital Shop Fascia

156" P4 Digital Shop Fascia

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