15" POS Digital Advertising Display

by Digital Displays

15" PCAP POS Digital Display Screen

These small format tablet shaped commercial grade digital displays are perfect for customer facing product promotions. They benefit from buttonless. tempered glass fronts, self contained displays and tamper proof. No batteries required as they are mains powered and so last considerably longer and can be used constantly, 24/7 making them an ideal POS digital display solution. 

Each display has an integrated secure screw based mounting on the rear of the unit for easy wall, built-in or free standing installations.

  • Network Configured straight out the box.(Touch Screen Upgrade available)
  • Integrated Camera.
  • Landscape or portrait Orientation.
  • Commercial grade components 24/7 usage.
  • Integrated Speakers.
  • Android Media Player.
  • Headphone Output.
  • Multi-colour LED Frame.
  • Landscape Wall Mount

PCAP Touch Screen Upgrade benefits include:-

  • Projected Capacitive Interactive Technology (PCAP)
  • 10 Point Touch - Manipulate images, zoom and many other touch gestures.
  • Optional NFC Integration for even more interactive engagement.

Each of our PCAP Touch screens let's you run your own touch software thanks to the built-in Android player or why not take advantage of our very own user friendly Touch Cloud Management System? Take control as you create, deploy and touch your very own content on screen.

Unit Size: 402mm(w) x 253mm(h) x 31mm(d)

Image size: 345mm(w) x 194mm(h)

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