The Top 3 benefits of Digital Window Displays for Retail Stores and Restaurants

The Top 3 benefits of Digital Window Displays for Retail Stores and Restaurants

There’s no question that online shopping has exploded in the last 10 years (soaring from just £33 billion in 2012 to nearly £100 in 2020).

Today, when people get the itch to shop for something, their instinct is to search for the product right on their mobile – they’ll even scroll through potential restaurant meals from the comfort of their own home.

In other words, competition is fierce! If your physical store on the high street is going to compete, you need to up your game, especially with the Great Britain economy opening up again. 

That’s where a window display comes in!

What is a Digital Window Display?

A digital window display is an advertisement that appears behind a store window. Unlike a typical television, the digital window display is specifically built to be visible behind glass to potential customers walking by.

The concept may sound simple, but this is actually a huge missed opportunity for many businesses. If you think of your windows as valuable branding real estate, then why wouldn’t you take full advantage of it? 

Here are the 3 biggest benefits of digital window displays!

1) Grab Attention for Your Brand

First and foremost, a prominent digital window display is essentially a large sign that can grab people’s attention as they’re walking by. Even better, you’re simply taking advantage of advertising real estate space and potential customers that are already there!

Because a digital display often includes motion graphics and other catchy elements, you have a better chance of causing people to look at your store. If you can get someone to stop for a moment to watch your display, they’re that much more likely to pop in.

Now, increased footfall is great – and a digital window display can certainly help with this – but also think about all the people who don’t go into your store. These are people who are more likely to notice your brand as they walk by. 

 With that said, even if people don’t come in right away, the digital window display is another touch point building positive recognition of your brand. The key is to be interesting and unique – find a way for your display to grab people’s attention!

2) Easily Change Your Messaging  

One important aspect of any advertising strategy is the ability to test and optimise your messaging. Being able to quickly swap out the content on your pavement store’s digital window display is a huge advantage.

Just think of all the different types of content you can display (either on a rotation or at different times):

  • Branded graphics and messaging
  • New promotions and sales
  • Customer testimonials and profiles
  • Different facets of the brand experience
  • Product highlights/menu specials

Novelty is one of the most important ways to keep people engaged. In the online advertising world, there’s a term called “ad fatigue,” which is just what it sounds like: your audience has seen an ad so much that they’re tired of it and stop engaging.

Because a digital window display features digital content, it’s easy to keep the content fresh and new as often as you’d like. 

3) Boost Footfall from Pedestrians

Yes, we know that the ultimate goal of many window displays is to get people to walk into your shop.

Thankfully, a quality digital window display can help a great deal in drawing people in. Beyond just getting people’s attention, an attractive piece of digital display content can inform, entertain, or dazzle potential customers so they have a reason to enter your store and do business with you.

Whether it’s communicating the latest health guidelines so shoppers feel safe, highlighting a new piece of clothing that’s currently available, or zooming in on a mouth-watering limited-time special food item, a visually striking digital display can make.

This is even more important during special times of year, where you can create event-themed messaging that resonates with your audience. 


An effective digital window display can be an absolute game-changer in growing brand attention and customer footfall.

The question is, are you happy with your current window display, or do you think they could use some extra oomph? Why not give James Hogg Display a call and see if we can transform your digital window displays? 

James Hogg Display is here for all your digital needs, providing solutions for businesses via digital window displays, interactive self service kiosks, LCD digital hand sanitiser dispensers, and more. Get in touch today for more information about our digital window displays!

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