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The Great Britain Economy is Opening Up: Is Your Business Ready?

It was a tough time for all during lockdown, but thankfully, we’ve seen a burst of positive headlines lately! Could normality be on the horizon? 

With the UK economy finally reopening after a tough year due to COVID-19, The Guardian just reported that demand for UK goods and services grew at the fastest rate since the 1990s. In fact, as of April, we’ve officially returned to pre-pandemic levels of sales in retail!

There’s also a record level of business confidence, because we’re seeing pent-up demand for restaurants, hotels, shoe and clothing shops, auto dealers, and more.

Now, there’s only one question: Is your business ready for the rush?

Preparing for a Post-COVID Summer

Ramping up your business to handle an influx of sales is wonderful, but it still carries some challenges with it. Throughout the pandemic, many businesses were operating at reduced capacity with guidelines like mask wearing and social distancing in place. 

These days, it’s anybody’s guess what a company’s COVID policies will look like – which is why it’s so important to be able to communicate your guidelines clearly and easily. Plus, you’ll want a convenient way to attract new shoppers passing by your location. Here are a few tips to make sure your business is prepared for the summer and beyond!

1) Get digital window displays for shoppers

While footfall is still down compared to before the pandemic, it’s expected to climb in the weeks ahead, with a surge of shoppers and visitors spending more cash thanks to pent-up demand and higher savings.

Whether you’re a retailer, restaurant owner, or estate agent, your business will be ready with a digital window display. Here’s why:

1) You can update your customers on new COVID guidelines conveniently and professionally by just swapping out the content appearing on your digital display. This will help many shoppers and visitors to feel safe, because they’ll know what to expect.

2) You can take advantage of increased footfall by attracting eyeballs to your digital sign. Use it to share information about sales, specials, or other promotions.

With a digital display, you can easily upload content using a USB memory stick or content management system. This is a great investment in your business!

2) Get Interactive Self Service Kiosks

Anyone in the food service or retail space should consider a self-service kiosk to help reduce face-to-face interactions between staff and customers.

Some of your visitors will appreciate the option to make purchases without a lot of close contact with other people. You’ll have to determine what’s most helpful for your customers, but it’s worth thinking about an interactive display to promote safety.

3) Get Digital Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Last but not least, I want to point out the value in providing a convenient way for customers to sanitise their hands. Not only is it hygenic to help everyone stay safe, but it also shows a visible commitment to customer safety that builds customer trust, which allows for more sales and repeat customers as well.

These LCD 22” Digital Hand Sanitiser Dispensers are quality sanitiser dispensers, but they also come with displays that can deliver important information to your customers, whether that’s a quick reminder of your current COVID policies or just a reassuring message. 

These dispensers are not only great for high-traffic public areas, but also for places where your staff congregate, such as a breakroom, washroom, or corridor. Even if it’s not required to provide hand sanitisers for your staff, this is a great opportunity to promote health practices and make your team feel valued.


I hope this article has helped you think about ways to ensure your business is booming in the weeks to come.

Here at James Hogg Display, I’ve seen my own business picking up as people realise the importance of messaging and communication in our emerging post-pandemic world. Other businesses are already taking the next step to make sure they’re putting their best foot forward to attract greater footfall this year. Now, it’s your turn!

James Hogg Display is here for all your digital needs, providing solutions for businesses via digital window displays, interactive self service kiosks, LCD digital hand sanitiser dispensers, and more. Get in touch for more information or advice about returning to normality post-COVID!

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