36" Stretched Screen Digital Header Display


Our 36", or 900mm long, Stretched Screen Digital Header Display mounts to any standard 3 ft (0.9m long) gondola unit. There is space available to the rear of this display to securely house a small media player. You can use this stretched display with or without the accompanying digital shelf edge display hardware.

Or, install a single stretched header and up to four shelf edge displays using one media player per standard 3 ft long gondola shelf.

Additional benefits include:-

  • Extremely bright, high resolution provides vibrant and crystal clear content.
  • Easy to install by merchandisers and shop fitters.
  • Manufactured for the toughest store environments with hardened a glass front  resistant to cleaning solvents.
  • Various angled mounting positions to optimise the best customer experience.
  • Daisy chain connectivity for up to five displays per 3ft long gondola.:

Physical Size: 929.7mm long x 36.4mm deep x 304.6mm high

Image Area: 875mm long x 47.8mm high

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