32" Wall Mounted Multi Touch Screen Display



Are you looking for a large format multi touch screen display that can be wall mounted or integrated into a display? If the answer is yes, we have a range of sizes that will suit most applications.

Our Multi Touch Screens are very easy to configure, mount and use. Their infrared touch technology means you don't have to touch the screen in the way you do a smart phone or tablet. What does this mean to the user? Well, you can operate the screen with a gloved hand, pen or other similar object making it ideal for public use.

Each Touch screen has built in speakers and you can control, scale and customise your display over short and long distances enabling content to be driven directly to the screen remotely.

All our touch screens are LED back lit which simply means they are brighter and more energy efficient with a extended working life of over 50,000 hours of continuous operation. 

A PC will be required for this screen. 

Ideal locations for this range include offices, schools, colleges, academy's, universities, department stores, shopping centres, banks, train/bus stations, airports, museums, heritage centres, hotel lobbies, travel and estate agents.

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