10" POS Professional Monitor

by Digital Displays

Simple and so very user-friendly, this little 10" Display Monitor is exactly that. A monitor. Plug this into any external PC you have a very target driven marketing tool at your fingertips. Why? because unlike many tablets of the same size, these screens are designed to run 24/7 in constant use. No batteries required. You do have to link them to a mains supply giving you over 70,000 hours of continual use.

With their HDMI input attaching external devices like PC's, DVD players, Media players and camera's is quick and easy. Try doing that on a tablet!

Other benefits include:-

  • Orientation. Choose between Landscape or Portrait.
  • Full High Definition. 1080p
  • Internal speakers. Great for audio assisted video product demonstrations.
  • Super Slim. Great for mounting in confined spaces such as retail shelving.
  • Buttonless glass front. No unexpected third party access provide a seamless aesthetic line.
  • VESA mount. Integrated secure screw mounting feature to the rear. This makes installing really easy to a wall or free standing display.
  • Lifetime technical support. Post sale telephone support.
  • 3 Year Warranty. 



    For further support call us now on 0330 333 6106.

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