Executive Catering Trolley for Delegate Hospitality

We were approached by a customer services business specialising in food, facilities, and property. The brief was to create a custom-made mobile hospitality trolley that represents the core values, in surface finishes, of their particular client.
From a service level, the trolley had to provide enough usable display surface area as well as contain enough food and beverages to last an entire afternoon of delegate seminars and meetings. The trolley had to be small and compact to navigate around corridors and service lifts and light enough to be operated by one individual. James Hogg Display opted for lightweight materials such as aluminium to form the structural frame and light, coloured laminated infill panels.

The fold-out and sliding display features were all supported by various roller bearing drawer runners to give a smooth operation. The whole trolley was mounted onto industrial. load bearing caster wheels, two fixed and two swivel for easy manoeuvrability.