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Zinc Digital are a Northampton based Digital Agency that offers marketing and design solutions to hundreds of companies worldwide. We’ve partnered with James Hogg Display to ensure that your high-quality digital display signage has the visuals that get your message across. Get in touch today to find out how you could reach thousands of customers in an engaging, effective way.

How to Choose Content

What is Animated Digital Signage

Animated Digital Signage is the addition of moving images to your digital signage. There are a wealth of possibilities within this, catering to the needs of businesses in every industry. Your animated content could incorporate informative presentations, animated advertising, or interactive touch content. For most people considering Digital Signage, animated content is the best choice. It’s the perfect way to engage and inform any audience.

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Why use Animated Digital Signage

Animated Digital Signage is the most effective way to capture the attention of an audience. Bright colours and motion are naturally eye-catching, and with good design, you’ll be able to get a message across clearly within just a few seconds. What’s more, a digital display is immediately updateable, ensuring that you’ll always be in complete control of the messaging you’re sending to your audience - at any time and any location. For companies who need their content to be up-to-date, flexible and dynamic, an animated digital sign is the perfect solution.

Most companies have similar requirements - to share information quickly, accurately, and to ultimately drive business. With an animated digital display, you can tailor your content to your needs. For engagement, sales, brand awareness or information, there’s a strategy that will work for you.

Digital Signage Is The Future Of Display

The world of Digital is always expanding and adapting, and as a digital agency, we see it first hand. Digital Signage is a medium that’s already in a time of incredible growth, expected to grow to be worth $27.34 Billion by 2022.

It’s for this reason that we’re excited to see where digital signage will go in the coming months. There are daily advances in technology that bring new possibilities for interactivity and automation, as well as increasingly creative solutions that can make a real impact on audiences. If you want your company to be on the forefront of the most innovative, creative ways to advertise, you should be considering digital signage.

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Content for engagement

For many businesses, engagement is one of the most important goals in their advertising. A digital display can help build customer relations by offering an opportunity to engage with them. This can be done in many ways - through a social media feed with customer content, QR codes that enable you to direct a customer to a landing page, or physical interactivity that helps provide the content your customer needs.

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Content for POS

The Point of Sale is a key location for delivering a message and increasing sales. Digital signage is an effective way to utilise this opportunity to encourage sales, including impulse sales, at a time when your audience is receptive to your messaging. In a POS campaign by Nestle, animated content was chosen specifically to set their display apart from the many other static POS displays in store. The retailer found a 41% increase in sales by using animated content, projected onto the shelving units around the product. The power of digital displays at this position is considerable - and with the right design, your business could be benefiting from it.

Content for Information

Communication is vital, whether it’s to your staff, customers, or to a target audience. A digital display is an incredibly effective way to inform. Whether your business needs to display a news or social media feed, location specific information or staff training, a digital display is a great way to ensure that you are always providing the most up-to-date information to your audience.

What Content Is Available to me?

Zinc and JHD

Zinc Digital is a Digital Agency that’s been providing creative and marketing solutions to businesses in the UK for over 14 years. Through our partnership with James Hogg Display, we provide bespoke high quality content for digital displays to businesses in every industry. Our marketing experts can help you create a strategy that’s built around you, to speak to your audience in a way that’s truly engaging, unique, and effective. We’ll then bring in our creative team to bring it all to life with stunning design and builds. We know that every company has a individual branding and personality, and we always make sure to put this across in the most effective way with our design work.

Graphic Design

Zinc’s creative design specialists will work with you to determine exactly what you need to get your message across in the best way. We know brands and we know audiences - and you know what you want from your content. Together, this is a recipe for marketing magic.

We’ve got the skills to get you the results you need. Whatever your requirements, Zinc can help. This includes:

  • Animated digital content
  • Interactive touch content
  • Video walls
  • Presentations

Our work spans a multitude of industries and purposes. We pride ourselves on truly getting to know the client and their needs, in order to provide a solution that’s always the perfect fit.

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Brand Development

Your brand is your most important asset - it’s the way that your company communicates with its customers and ensures that your name is the one they remember. To ensure your digital display content is as effective as possible, work with our branding experts to create an identity for your company that tells the right story. We can help with everything from a logo and website to your online marketing to give you a brand that speaks to your customers. Once this is created, your digital signage will be perfectly primed to reach the people you need to, and get you the results you want.

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Digital Strategy & Planning

With digital marketing, strategy is key. The beauty of a digital display is that you can send out content with the touch of a button, ensuring that everything from your information to your offers is always completely up-to-date. We’ll work with you to create the perfect strategy, ensuring that every piece of content is implemented at the right time, with seasonal offers and demographic targeting. This way, your digital displays will always hit the mark.

Uses and Examples

Animated Content in retail

The retail industry is one of the most opportune places for your digital signage to go. Not only is it is an environment where almost all of your leads are qualified - a shopping centre is full of people who are in the mood to buy - but the competition rests on which store is able to capture the attention of shoppers. With a striking window display or a beautiful retail unit, your brand will be the one that attracts attention and sales. Every location has the potential to be used to the best of its advantage - even the checkout queue! A field study from Lavi found that the introduction of digital signage reduced the perceived wait times at checkout by up to 35%. A positive customer experience is key to fostering repeat business and encouraging word-of-mouth advertising.

Animated Content in hospitality

Whether you’re a hotel, a food or beverage retailer, or an events space, information is key. What’s even more important is ensuring that this information is easily accessible and clear so that your guests are always in the know. With 74% of restaurant customers saying that an easy to read menu is their top priority, it’s important that you offer this material in the best possible format. With a digital display, your content is easily updatable and always clear, without the need for expensive reprints.

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