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Touch Screens Displays - Are You In Touch With Your Customers?

The ability to access information at the touch of a finger is something we do every day when we use our smartphones. We now take this technology for granted as part of our daily routine. Are we really interested in much larger devices like touch kiosks for information when we can carry this information around with us in our pockets?

Although the touch screen display in your pocket could be all you need if you are prepared to search for specific information, a business looking to attract new consumers needs a solution that's more innovative. Larger interactive touch screens provide an unequalled opportunity to entertain, educate, inform and actively sell your products and services.

The digital world is full of tactile and visual communications that appeal directly to your customer's emotions and behaviour.

Self-service touch kiosks  can be found virtually everywhere, from your local supermarket, to the cinemas, retail outlets, airports and museums that you visit every week. 

To make an impact in an automotive showroom, retail store, control rooms, shopping malls and more, a large touch screen display can be up to and beyond five metres. 

Large format, multi-touch screens are appearing in shop windows allowing you to interact with the window glass and interactive tables, enabling multiple users to access games and information whilst providing a unique user experience.

The critical point to understand about any type and size of touch screen display is:

Content - Careful thought must be applied to understand exactly what it is you want your consumer or visitor to experience. Are you asking someone to buy something from you or simply provide them with information. Or both?

Software - To deliver the project objective. Consultation with a specialist will decide your choice of software to deliver the information to your customer or visitors fingertips. The software must be a multi-platform solution capable of supporting not only the interactive element of the touch display but also the digital signage opportunities available when the kiosk is not in use. Screen advertising can be used very effectively to attract the user to the touch screen with the right call to action.


A good software platform will have the following five key elements to achieve a successful deployment:


Getting super-quick design applications completed saving time and cost.


A platform that is reliable, industry proved and provides the perfect foundation for your application.


Capable of increasing alongside the size of your estate.


A solution that already works with all the major platforms requiring no modifications.

 Analytic Capability

Simple, easy to access measuring and monitoring giving your business those important metrics.

James Hogg Display are experts in Touch Screens - if you’re not sure where to start, talk to our friendly team today. We’ll be happy to help. Why not try out our 15 minute challenge to see if we can answer all of your questions. 


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