Top 3 Reasons to Add Digital Displays to Petrol Forecourts and C-Stores

Top 3 Reasons to Add Digital Displays to Petrol Forecourts and C-Stores

It’s a time of heavy investment for forecourt retailers. According to the 2022 Forecourt Report, published on 13 October 2022, more than 8,000 independent petrol forecourt retailers spent an average of £18,000 last year to improve their operations. 

Some of this expenditure was focused on ways to boost energy efficiency, such as solar panels, LED lighting, and refrigeration. But there’s another important category to consider! If you want to see an even greater return on your investment – and beat out the competition – we recommend adding digital displays to your forecourts.

Want to find out more? In this article, we share the top 3 reasons to outfit your forecourts and C-stores with digital displays to maximise revenue and improve customer experience!

1) Boost Total Customer Spending

Statistics show that only one in three people who visit a forecourt are there to fill up with petrol. The other two people are there to visit the C-store. 

But all three have the potential to spend more money with you than they currently do, if you can encourage them to via digital displays. So, what’s the best way to uplift the total revenue from each customer visit? 

The key is to encourage more of your customers to buy something (or multiple things) in the C-store. While a customer is waiting 2-4 minutes for their tank to fill up, they could be looking at a digital screen that’s advertising all manner of enticing deals or products to purchase after they’re done.

To maximise engagement, I recommend a few specific types of digital displays:

  • Digital entrance screen. The digital entrance screen is a large display placed to the left or right of the door behind the window. It’s designed to sell customers before they’ve even walked into the store, and can replace a static window display for a dramatic lift in customer attention.
      • Screens next to the pumps. With screens near the pumps, you maximise the likelihood that a customer will engage with your advertisements.
  • Digital menu board. If your store has a coffee shop or food outlet, a digital menu board can draw the eye and increase purchases.

  • All told, digital screens can increase attention and revenue tenfold over static displays, thanks to the eye-catching movement taking place on the screen. The digital display’s boost in footfall to your C-store is truly a game-changer!

    2) Enhance Customer Experience

    Whatever it is you want customers to take away from interactions with your brand, you can make it happen with a quality digital display.

    As you probably know, the eye tends to wander over to the forecourt wherever there’s a screen – and you have the power to deliver relevant messaging to your customers on a daily (or even hourly) basis.

    Think of how much better the customer experience can be if there’s a vibrant digital advertisement for your customers to engage with. Promoting offers to your audience in a way that they’ll enjoy, with creative and interactive elements that aren’t possible with a traditional static advertising board. Plus, ensure that customers can view your adverts at all times.

    Think about it: a quality digital screen can be easier to see than alternative displays in a range of scenarios, including indoors through window glass outside, outside in the bright summer sun with sunlight-readable screens, or outside late at night with plenty of vivid brightness.

    Ultimately, if you can make it easier and more enjoyable for your customers to visit and engage with your forecourt and C-store, you can expect a big boost to customer engagement and long-term sales growth! 

    3) Streamline Your Messaging

    One of the most important facets of successful advertising is testing and optimising. If you don’t currently have a digital display, you’re stuck with a static display – or worse, no display at all! That’s a huge missed opportunity to learn about your customers’ needs and wants.

    Beyond just today’s sales, there’s a future benefit you can enjoy when you have the ability to test different messaging and see how your customers respond. There's the obvious benefit of improved awareness for your promotions, but if you pay attention, a digital display will make it a lot easier to test different pricing, promotions, and messaging and refine your advertising content for maximum effect.

    That’s why you should think of a digital display not just as a sales tool, but also a market research tool. Thankfully, it’s easy to make as many adjustments as you’d like. Imagine being able to dynamically update the content on your digital displays based on the time of day or the current promotions you’re running! 

    There’s a tremendous amount of flexibility and utility in digital displays that a traditional static display just doesn’t provide. Hopefully, you will take advantage of digital displays to streamline your messaging and grow customer lifetime value through the power of dynamic adverts! 


    Compared to static displays (or no displays at all), an effective digital display can be an absolute game-changer in capturing attention and boosting footfall to your C-store. After an initial outlay, these displays quickly pay for themselves with the extra revenue they attract.

    The question is, are you ready to take advantage of all the benefits of these digital displays for your forecourt and C-store? Give James Hogg Display a call – we’re ready to transform your retail location with digital displays that can boost your brand, customer engagement, and revenue!

    James Hogg Display is here for all your digital needs, providing solutions for businesses via digital window displays, interactive self service kiosks, digital menu boards, and more. Get in touch today for more information about our digital window displays!

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