Rise above the rest with this New Car Display Plinth


Now and again, something appears on the automotive radar that gives the industry the opportunity to shine out to its hungry tribe.

You may even be part of a marketing communications agency looking at unique ways to promote and market your automotive clientele.

Surfing the web recently, in a search for car displays, I came across this car display plinth to display cars at events, exhibitions and dealer and retail launches.

At first glance, it looks like the result of one of the many truly inspiring design briefs given to creative individuals to attract something new into the automotive market.

Yet, on closer inspection, this particular interpretation goes one step further. This car display plinth is modular! Nothing new here you might say, however, this new car display plinth is not only installed by the end user, but it can be used both indoors and out. The clever design aesthetics do not distract the viewer from the car itself. Instead, the plinth design seems to almost encourage the car to ‘float’ just a few centimetres off the ground!

Thanks to the clever choice of materials, including light-weight aluminium, you have the added choice of a wide range of accessories enabling you to personalize this car display plinth and create an exclusive branding environment for your chosen marque.

This is a great display solution for either a stand alone exhibition or part of a larger event such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Not to mention one-off displays as the type we see at airport departure lounges or customer driver experience days.

All this innovation and build quality comes at a price of just over £11,000.00 for the complete car display plinth. But then, you need to look at the target market here. It’s not ‘car of the week’ forecourt display with its obligatory gantry of bunting fluttering in the wind. No. This is definitely high end stuff for the prestige, luxury car dealer who wants something different that stands out, creating unparalleled desire for their client and a marketing tool that evokes all the values and breeding of that particular automotive marque.

To find out more and to arrange for a consultation about this or alternative car display plinth’s and how you can benefit from this unique car branding environment then call James Hogg Display on 0330 333 6106 or email info@jameshoggdisplay.com


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