Introducing The Digital Sandwich Board

Introducing The Digital Sandwich Board

If you’ve been on a high street in the UK, you’ve seen a sandwich board. It’s an incredibly popular advertising method used since the 19th century and continued to this day, especially in shopping destinations such as Oxford Street. Here, you can see wearers carrying the board on their shoulders to elevate their message above the crowd. The familiar triangular A-Frames are used by cafes, restaurants, salons and more to display special offers and seasonal promotions to passing trade.

With the digital era now well and truly part of our everyday lives it was only a matter of time before one of the oldest forms of advertising gained a digital edge. Today the sandwich board has been elevated with digital signage, becoming better, brighter and more engaging to the passers-by. Digital Sandwich Boards are now available, with a display on one side to offer the perfect advertising solution. 

A Digital A Frame offers a unique portability and flexibility to shop owners, allowing them to have up-to-date content on a digital display inside and outside, moving and adapting to the time of day, weather, seasonality and offers. With lockable castor wheels, it’s easy to move. The screen uses an ambient light sensor to adapt the brightness to the environment, ensuring that your customers can see your display in the best light, always.

With a sandwich board, store owners can update their digital signage with the newest content quickly and easily, with no waiting for reprints, delivery or installation. There’s no need to spend time or resources on new menus or daily updates - it’s as simple as pressing a button. Content is uploaded via USB - simply load your pictures and videos onto this and upload it to the digital sandwich board to play on a continuous loop in beautiful HD. If you’d prefer, it’s even possible to upload the content using a cloud-based server to make the process even faster.

The digital sandwich board has been developed to work the way that shop owners need them to work. The lithium polymer battery technology allows for a minimum battery life of 12 hours, with a  simple 7 hour charge overnight that has it ready for action by the morning.

The benefits of a digital sandwich board are clear for shop owners, restaurant owners and those hoping to increase the passing trade of their business. In a competitive market, it’s important to find a way to set yourself apart from the competition and show that you’re on the forefront of service for your customers. It’s a fast paced world, so take advantage of the ways that technology is developing to keep customers coming through your door and spending their time at your location.

With a digital sandwich board, you’re able to make a statement about yourself, your business and what you can do differently for your customers. If you’d like to discuss what digital signage can do for you, get in touch here or call James Hogg on 0330 333 6106

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