How Commercial Digital Menu Boards Can Help Restaurants Returning Post-COVID

How Commercial Digital Menu Boards Can Help Restaurants Returning Post-COVID

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries and seen a large amount of businesses shut down across the globe. The events of the past year have accelerated digital transformation at lightning speed and forced businesses to adapt fast. The hospitality industry was by far one of the most affected in this latest economic crisis. Having said that, the implementation of commercial digital menu boards, drive-thru service, contactless delivery and sanitizing stations has allowed restaurants to meet their customers needs, even when restrictions were at their strictest. 

With people turning to food for entertainment and comfort during lockdown, many restaurants thrived in this time. Those who were already up to speed when it comes to digital technology with means to continue serving customers safely and efficiently coped well during the pandemic. However, businesses that were not digitised beforehand are likely to have experienced huge financial impact trying to adjust in the changing landscape of the restaurant industry.


Digital solutions for restaurants during COVID-19 

There are many great digital solutions out there specifically tailored to the restaurant and hospitality industry. Digitisation can improve efficiency, engage your audience and create a positive customer experience within your establishment. Commercial digital menu boards, in particular, have many benefits and can completely transform the look and feel of your restaurant. 

These benefits include;

  • Clear HD advertising 
  • Easy to update 
  • Save on printing costs 
  • Customisable 
  • Longevity 

During COVID-19, the demand for drive-thru service has increased significantly with most large chain restaurants creating drive-thru lanes in existing and new locations. Commercial digital menu boards play an important part in the drive-thru experience, working to clearly provide customers with their options as they make their way through the queue. 

An additional digital solution for the reopening of restaurants post-COVID is interactive self-service kiosks. These work especially well in fast-food establishments and offer a fully automated ordering system that reduces the need for face to face contact. Easy to maintain and clean, they are an ideal option for any fast-food chain, especially now. 

Following the pandemic, hand sanitising and mask wearing is likely to be a practice that will long continue, regardless of restrictions. Therefore, having multiple sanitising stations within your restaurant is essential for customer safety and comfort. A digital hand sanitiser dispenser stands out in order to capture attention and encourage customers to sanitise whilst also providing a clear, contactless hygiene solution. 

Shift in consumer behaviour 

It is also important to take into consideration how consumer behaviour surrounding food has changed during COVID-19. Though many will throw themselves back into normality, eating out and socialising regularly, there will be some that are still hesitant. All types of customers need to continue to be catered for meaning that contactless delivery and takeaway options should remain. 

Countries still in lockdown or with restrictions in place can certainly learn something from those that have opened up again. The way people are reacting will affect how restaurants continue to operate going forward. Restaurants need to take a people first approach to ensure their staff and customers feel comfortable and safe in their establishment whilst also following the latest government guidelines. 

James Hogg Display is here for all your digital needs, providing solutions for restaurants via commercial digital menu boards, interactive self service kiosks and more. Get in touch for more information or advice about returning to normality post-COVID. 

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