Coronavirus/COVID-19 Top 12 Tips for Takeaway Food and Delivery

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Top 12 Tips for Takeaway Food and Delivery

James Hogg Display have been a part of supporting takeaway food retailers for years with commercial digital menu boards. In light of the current UK governments temporary closure of restaurants, we’d like to support those we work alongside with some guidance on how to deliver to homes in these exceptional times without compromising the safety of you, your staff and your customers.

If you’re moving from an eat-in restaurant to a takeaway, consider the following:

Simplify Your Menu

Create a special takeaway menu that is simple and easy to fulfil. You will soon find out from your customers which their favourite meals are, which allows you to review and refine your menu offer. Set up an online survey to let you know what improvements you can make both on menu and service.


Let your local community know what your opening hours are. Everyone’s habits are different so knowing when you are open will give your customers the best choice for their takeaway.

Balance Digital with Traditional

Mix digital with old school advertising practices. We may be limited in our time out of the house, but that only increases the impact of your digital signage brightly advertising your new services. Balance this with printed flyers and mail shots in the local area to make sure that everybody knows what you have to offer.


In this time of uncertainty, don’t forget to maintain the important data protection measures that have become second nature in our day-to-day work. Make sure you are GDPR compliant and ask takeaway phone orders for their email addresses. You can then build a database of customers and target specific takeaway meal choices via email.

Update Your Site

Ensure your website is kept up to date with all your offers and promotions. There are going to be a lot of people searching ‘Takeaway’ on their devices; make sure that you’re easy to find and contact.

Encourage Repeat Business

Make a memorable experience by giveaways and clever promotions. Free gift cards or “buy 1 meal get a side free” are two great ways to encourage repeat business.

Remain Clear About Allergens

Do not forget to let all your customers know what allergens are present in the food especially when you create your special takeaway menu.


Once you’ve created that special menu up-sell a desert and non-alcoholic (Licensing laws apply) beverage with the meal. Make sure that you’re giving great service and offering your customers everything they might need.

Keep your staff updated safely

Use Whatsapp or scheduling apps to communicate staff rota’s keeping your team informed and up to date with your business.

Get Equipped

If takeaways are something new to your business model invest in the correct takeaway tubs and bags. Above all, establish procedures for healthy and safe handover at delivery. For example, leave the delivery at a pre-arranged location, ring the doorbell and leave to avoid contact.

Don’t Forget Marketing

Get creative and look at how you can stand-alone from your competitors by adopting new marketing opportunities that may appear as new legislation effects your industry.

Be Kind

Mental health and your staff’s well being. Become a leader and lead by example. Jump-in when and wherever possible and show your support. Communicate and keep them informed. Motivate and reassure your staff regularly. They will be faced with many issues, both financially and personally during this challenging time. It is during these times that courage and generosity and resilience can make a big difference.

We hope these tips offer some help during these uncertain times. We would like to wish those restaurants and their staff that are faced with temporary closure our best wishes to you and your families.


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