Can Digital Displays Help Prevent Allergic Reactions?

Can Digital Displays Help Prevent Allergic Reactions?

As someone who runs and owns a quick service restaurant or fast food business you are required, by law, to provide allergenic information about the food you make and sell. This is particularly important to customers who have food allergies and intolerances.

Each year in the UK, 5000 of the 2,000,000 million people who live with food allergies require hospital treatment for severe allergic reactions with death reaching double figures from food-induced anaphylaxis.*

Pre-packed food products have clear allergen information on their packaging and have done so for some time, However, vendors of non-prepacked food including quick service restaurants and fast food outlets have not been willing to offer this information.

Since the EU Food Allergen and Information directive became law in 2014, fast food outlets, coffee and sandwich bars have a legal requirement to declare the presence of any of the 14 major allergens if used as ingredients in the food they offer.

This declaration can be made on printed menus, chalkboards, printed tickets or other formats that ensure this information is made clearly available to the customer.

Within the fast food industry competition amongst food outlets is increasing with many business owners looking for new meals and offers to entice new customers. Yet research carried out by the FreeForm Awards shows that customers are not looking for a greater choice but better, clearer, more reliable access to information about potential allergens in their food.

The most effective and informative method of getting allergenic information across to your customers in a way that is easily seen and quickly updatable is the deployment of commercial digital menu boards.

Unlike traditional printed menus, a digital menu board can be updated quickly and efficiently using a computer. This works either by downloading to a USB memory stick or via a cloud-based network.

Food intolerances are on the rise, particularly in young people. Giving clear and concise information displayed using a digital format such as menu screens will help ensure that customers with food allergies are given the accurate information they need.

Evidence has shown that 59% of people living with food allergies say that they visit the same food outlet again and again if they have eaten safely there before. It not only makes common sense, but business sense to take care of returning customers by providing them with a service that they can rely on. 

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*Report by RSPH July 2015


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