Adopting Digital Signage and why it is good for your business in 2016

In business, and as a business owner, you must adopt a more open mind to realise, that by introducing digital signage into your business, just what this technology means to you, your staff and your customers.

Many businesses have already taken the leap of faith by adopting digital signage and are reaping the rewards. Story telling used as part of your marketing through visual communication is the latest medium and attractive differentiator separating you from your competition.

So here are four reasons why digital signage is a must for your business.

  • Tradition. Stop printing static information particularly if the information is time sensitive because once the sell by date has arrived your paper collateral is null and void. Get pro-active and start delivering your visual communication on devices such as video walls, large format screens and tablets. Why? Because digital signage removes the hassle and time wasted in preparing and delivering your static information faster,  easier and seamlessly in realtime, instantly informing people of your business, it’s products and services.
  • Do what your good at. The loyalty and trust that you have worked so hard to achieve with your customers can be cherished further by providing an amazing viewer experience using digital communication in the form of LCD screens. Work the vaults of data you have to your advantage by creating the visual experience relevant to your viewer. Display consistent visual content through devices such as way-finding interactive kiosks and single or a network of digital signage screens either wall mounted or free standing located at key points within your business both indoors and out.
  • What to do in an emergency. With health and safety becoming more and more present in our working lives, emergency procedures can now be delivered on screen as well as the more traditional audible alerts. Notify your staff, visitors and customers with visual communication linked to your alarm system warning of fire, security, weather and safety alerts. Information can be sent across your entire digital signage network or locally to where the alert was activated.
  • Its all about you. Work your brand and its identity into every corner of your business. Do you have multiple outlets such as restaurants, offices, shops? Digital signage will deliver your brand, your values and your unique selling point to any digital screen of any size, in any location anywhere in the world. This revolution in visual communication will inform and educate your captive audience with your engaging and consistent content across your entire digital estate. Never has there been a better time than now to use digital signage as your top marketing communication tool.

As 2016 is rapidly approaching take the early initiative and adopt digital signage as your new business technology.

So, to arrange an informal chat about how this technology can help support your business in 2016 call James Hogg Display on 0330 333 6106 or email



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