Who gives a stuff about 4K Ultra HD?

But hang on a minute. Movement is afoot amongst the pay TV broadcasters to deliver this new screen resolution to our living rooms once line speeds and delivery channels can decode the digital data quickly and seamlessly.

However, this post is not about whether you should buy a 4K Ultra HD telly for your personal enjoyment or not. I’ll leave that to the various tech forums out there on the interweb.

It is the commercial use of 4K Ultra HD and just what six million more pixels, compared to the standard two million HD, will bring to your viewing pleasure that I think you will find interesting.

In the world of commerce many, if not all companies, use video and images as their main form of communication to emotionally motivate, entice and engage you to purchase their products and services. In addition, consumers now come to expect pitch perfect image quality and viewer experience ahead of any purchase. A 4K Ultra HD commercial grade screen gives much tighter detail compared to standard HD - the difference is quite simply overwhelming. 

Not to confuse this new viewing technology with the fading 3D revolution of a number of years ago. 4K Ultra HD is simply a multi-million pixel increase in resolution making any viewable content outstanding. 

For content that demands pin-sharp detail 4K Ultra HD definition lends itself perfectly to commercial enterprises such as photographers, interior designers and artists. Where surface texture, colour and light are paramount in understanding the nuances of their individual style.

Greater pixel density allows the viewer to get really close-up and personal without the pixelation effect experienced with existing large format screens. So, if you want your content viewed in detail, in whatever commercial environment your customers find themselves in, consider 4K Ultra HD as part of your digital signage estate.

To find out more and to arrange an informal chat about 4k Ultra HD display and how you can benefit from this amazing viewer experience then call James Hogg Display on 0330 333 6106 or email info@jameshoggdisplay.com

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