Panasonic's 152-inch 3D plasma display television

For this, deemed as one of the most extravagant gadgets available to mortal man, the TH-152UX1 is a square-eyed making monster of a screen. 

150" single large format digital display screen

First seen in Las Vegas in 2010 and bragging a 4K image quality, 17:9 Aspect ratio and a screen resolution of 4096 x 2160, the TH-152UX1 physical size is 3.6m wide x 1.98m high x 147mm deep weighing 577 kg. The effective display area is 3416mm wide x 1801mm high and is the equivalent of nine 50 inch screens stacked 3 wide x 3 high.  

The TH-152UX1 uses active 3D technology with High Definition resolution. The viewer wears active shutter glasses which are triggered by an IR imager built into the screen's bezel. With Panasonics ultrahigh-speed drive technology, clear HD resolution images are sent to each eye achieving clear 3D with minimal double image.

75" 3D digital screen

The TH-152UX1 is available with a wall mount bracket or free standing motorised screen lifter display for optimum viewer experience.

So who would by one? I guess anyone with a spare £450k + and a room the size of a small departure lounge!

From a commercial platform the TH-152UX1 is the ideal solution for department stores, automotive showrooms, shopping Centres, cinema foyer area's, hotel lobbies, corporate receptions and boardrooms, broadcast studios and rental option for exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

James Hogg display is delighted to offer the TH-152UX1 for both private and commercial sale. The company also offers a dedicated and specialist installation and logistic solution including site survey providing an unrivalled customer support programme during the purchase and installation period.

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