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Like a photograph, it’s a snapshot of a moment. Your moment. It is your canvas to paint a vista by touching the senses and emotions to inspire action.

This is even more important today, especially with the rise of online shopping, the increase in pedestrianized areas in our towns and cities and the development of out-of-town shopping villages.

Be interesting to your customers. Doing something unusual like installing a digital window display makes you interesting. You have created something different and, by giving a new perspective to your window display compared to other shop owners, makes you interesting.

 Person walking and looking at a Digital window display

So, how do we do this? Sell window story after window display story, using movement through digital content, because we do not want to completely replace every existing static window display but enhance the story.

Your online store front content can be changed quicker than your offline store. By including a digital window display in your pavement store, you will gain extra leverage in your communication with customers because your online story can be delivered directly to your store front using a clever piece of content management software.

Sourcing the correct hardware is the most important element to deliver your carefully edited and optimised content. After all, if the digital content cannot be seen on the digital screen the investment made by you and, more importantly, the value to your customer will be lost. The sun has a huge impact on every aspect of a window display. Choosing the correct digital display screen (and not a TV!) will go a long way in delivering value to your customers.

Just imagine what your shop window display would look like with movement along a high street or mall of shops. Whose window do you think customers will be drawn to?

To find out more and to arrange an informal chat about creating your next digital window display and how you can tell your story then call James Hogg Display on 0330 333 6106 or email info@jameshoggdisplay.com

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