What is an FSDU?

FSDU’s make great brand ambassadors for your product especially in any highly competitive retail environment such as large shopping centers, out-of-town retail parks and grocery stores. The visual noise created by so many other brands makes the FSDU one of the most cost-effective, engaging and visually eye-catching forms of display for your product.

An FSDU gives you a unique tool to test the market conditions for a new product, without committing to a full roll-out, because small quantities can be produced within a very short period of time to meet your deadline. With any FSDU you have control over the number of products and how these products are marketed to your target audience.

Placed in the correct location in store an FSDU will attract, and increase, product visibility at the point of sale building brand awareness and an excellent sales generator.

A good example of an FSDU

Typically manufactured in cardboard, though not always, an FSDU is very light weight and yet can support a variety of merchandise from plush (soft toys) to pet food and boxed wine. They are easy to assemble, easy to move around any sales floor and can be delivered flat packed reducing distribution and storage space or fully merchandised and delivered in store for immediate point of purchase.

Almost all FSDU’s have eye-catching, bright graphics with selected price offers and unique calls to action printed onto one or more of their surfaces. There are two processes of print dedicated to create these exclusive displays; Digital printing and Lithographic Printing.

Here are some general guidelines to help you understand the difference in the two printing processes:-

  • Quantity - Small quantities, up to 100 units, are better suited to the digital process. For larger quantities Lithographic or Litho printing is the better option.
  • Speed - Digital printing is quicker and sometimes easier in set up compared to Litho printing which is a little more complex and takes a lot longer. 
  • Process - A digitally printed FSDU can be printed from a digital artwork file, directly to the material, straight from a flat bed printer. A Litho print requires a printing plate, normally more than one, depending on the complexity of the artwork.
  •  Price - Digital printing is very cost effective for short quantities and timescales whereas Litho printing is less expensive for larger quantities typically from 100 units and above.
  • Quality - The digital process will accommodate slightly weaker or low image resolution typically 150dpi whereas the Litho process requires far greater resolution to obtain perfect results. Litho still gives the best print quality compared to digital, however, the technical advances with digital show a significant increase in print quality so much so that, to the untrained or inexperienced eye, it is very difficult to tell the difference.

Help and guidance is always available. So, to arrange an informal chat about FSDU’s and how they can help support your next product launch or increase sales revenue, call James Hogg Display on 0330 333 6106 or email info@jameshoggdisplay.com





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