Future Proof Your Store With Electronic Shelf Labels

Future Proof Your Store With Electronic Shelf Labels

Research shows that 87% of UK consumers now make their purchases online, with internet retail sales seeing over a 72% increase in 2020 (Statista). The frequent shut down of non-essential stores over the past year and a half has contributed to a significant rise in online shopping. Physical stores must adapt in order to survive in the current economy. 

Installing technology such as electronic shelf labels will future proof your store by supporting the increasing demand for digitisation, improving customer experience and therefore preventing customers from going online.

What are Electronic Shelf Labels?

Electronic shelf labels, also known as ESL, are used to digitally display and automatically update product information on store shelving. Made up of three components; label management software, communication controllers and e-paper display modules, pricing and stock information can be easily managed. With information transferred between these components using Wi-Fi, set up and maintenance is simple. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, these displays can be utilised in any retail sector, from clothes shops to supermarkets. 

Combatting customer pain points 

When customers enter a store, they want to be met with convenient solutions and ease of information. Pain points such as inaccurate pricing, lack of stock and unorganised displays will deter customers and make the switch to online all too easy. With the right technology in place, physical stores have an advantage. When shopping in-store, customers can; browse easier, monitor the quality of what they’re buying, check use by dates, try on clothes and so much more. 

The addition of digital shelf displays and electronic shelf labels enhances the in-store experience further, providing the most up to date information at all times. 

Main benefits include;

  • Accurate pricing updates 
  • Improve store navigation 
  • Instantly display promotions 
  • Be more sustainable 
  • Reduce labour costs 

Electronic shelf labels also come with a range of additional features that place them as a top contender when choosing digital displays for retail. Here at James Hogg Display, we supply a range of digital shelf displays, including ESLs, that aim to enhance the shopping experience at your store. Our electronic shelf label systems provide an ultra-long battery life, up to 5 years, alongside a robust enclosure and anti-theft installation making them a long term investment. 

The software itself comes equipped with rapid update speed, an efficient cloud monitoring system and can be integrated into existing systems for seamless installation. Each display can also show up to seven different pages, offering flexible updates and the ability to show more than just price.

Transforming in-store experience 

In the current economic climate, it is essential to harness the power of technology in order to compete with the online world. However, to do so, in-store experiences must be better than the online equivalent. 

The addition of systems such as electronic shelf labels will have a domino effect on the operations of the rest of your store. More checkouts can be opened up utilising staff who would have been replacing shelf labels, improving speed and allowing more customers to come in and out. Location of stock can be pinpointed and more closely monitored ensuring consumer demand is always being met. Plus, the ability to interact with ESLs using smartphones and PDA devices will improve customer engagement and problem solving reducing the need for on-hand staff. 

These changes will, in turn, improve customer experience across the board and therefore increase footfall. 


There is no better time to future proof your business with electronic shelf labels. With 13 years of digital signage expertise under our belt, James Hogg Display is a great choice and guarantees a high quality service. Priced on a project by project basis, we recommend getting in touch to begin discussing your options and receiving a quote. 

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