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Creative Ways To Use LCD Shelf Edge Displays

An LCD Shelf Edge Display is a perfect way to use previously underutilised space as a place to inform, advertise and upsell. With a wide aspect ratio, there’s plenty of room to turn your shelf edge into a selling tool. 

A Shelf Edge Display is a great place to simply draw attention to the product above it with branding and dynamic content, but it’s also a place where creativity can become your most powerful tool. With an easily updatable android operating system, the possibilities aren’t just limited to a static display. With a little creativity, you’re able to use your LCD Shelf Edge Display to its fullest potential. 

 Direct customers to a specific product 

With the ability to split your shelf edge display into sections, you’re able to give pricing information in one area whilst directing customers to look at other additional products. This could be related or bundled products to upsell to your customers. 

 Draw attention to offers with creative animation

A shelf edge display is the perfect place to share offers, capturing the attention of shoppers at the point of decision. Catch their eyes by animating your offers, changing the shelf edge from a place to overlook to a place that’s prime advertising space.  

Show the product in use

You can do more than you might think with the display space available. By inspiring buyers with imagery of the product in use, you are able to convince buyers who might not be sure or who are considering a few options. This is especially effective for food products.  

Dynamic pricing

For those in competitive industries where prices are constantly shifting, the ability to be dynamic when it comes to pricing is invaluable. You’re able to react quickly and update pricing as you need to to ensure you’re always competitive.  

 Price checking 

Pricing is a major decision factor for many customers. Many people today use their phones to compare prices in-store. If one of your USPs is the ability to compete on price, show a comparison on the shelf-edge to save them the effort and show them why your store is the right decision. 

Product reviews 

If you have reviews available for your product, support it with the social proof of a positive review. Seeing that others use and like your product can be a decision making factor for some customers. 

Bring a digital brand ambassador to your shelf edge

Social influence is a powerful tool. If you are working with digital brand ambassadors, bringing them to your shelf edge can expand the reach and efficacy of their influence. Their seal of approval is a great thing to help buyers in the decision making process. 

The possibilities with a LCD shelf edge display are endless. They take a space in your store that was previously purely informative, and have changed it into a place that’s vibrant, dynamic and supportive to the sales process. 

If you’re interested in bringing innovation and creativity to your store, speak to James Hogg Display about your options today. We’ll be able to offer an expert opinion on your needs and suggest the best digital signage solution for you.

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