Interactive Display Unit

This particular brief required an Interactive Display Unit to be located in selected retail environments to drive brand awareness through the understanding of its products. The ultimate aim was to encourage demand and engagement to boost sales.
James Hogg Display was asked to design. manufacture and install a totally new Interactive Display Unit that would improve on an existing display, across numerous stores in the UK. The custom-made display must be able to be secured safely to an existing retail shelf, be compact, lightweight, easy to assemble and install quickly. Each display would feature a small gaming digital display screen and an interactive gaming platform which housed the portal where customers can place their chosen character.
Each Interactive Display Unit must be able to house four of the most popular gaming consoles along with all relative gaming accessories.
In all the interactive display was to provide the customer with a memorable, fun and interactive gaming experience that motivated them to purchase the broad product range available instore.
When the interactive display was not in use the digital display screen would run a demo version of the game, attracting the attention of customers in a shopping aisle that is traditionally static with high volumes of visual noise on every shelf.