Outdoor Display Shield TV Enclosure

by James Hogg Display

Indoor and Outdoor TV Enclosure

Display Shield is our commercial enclosure which has been designed and manufactured as a tamper-resistant enclosure to secure commercial grade digital advertising displays. The enclosure is manufactured to the exact standards in weather resistant, theft and vandalism. It is both lightweight and available in landscape and portrait formats.

What makes Display Shield different to the TV Shield is due to the tamperproof security screw system which replaces the lift-up front panel featured with the TV shield enclosure. Display shield is also actively ventilated by a 36CFM 115v filtered internal fan and venting slots preventing excessive heat build-up during 24/7 operation.

Dimensions. Please use this as a guide before you order to ensure your TV will fit.

19"- 30"

  • Inside Dimensions     704mm wide x 501mm high x 120mm deep
  • Outside Dimensions  819mm wide x 603mm high x 1158mm deep

30"- 50"

  • Inside Dimensions     1149mm wide x 704mm high x 116mm deep
  • Outside Dimensions  1250mm wide x 806mm high x 193mm deep 

50"- 60"

  • Inside Dimensions     1409mm wide x 895mm high x 116mm deep
  • Outside Dimensions  1503mm wide x 1000mm high x 170mm deep 


    Price does NOT include Mounting Bracket

    Ideal locations for your new Display Shield:

    • Beer gardens
    • Garden centres
    • Factories
    • Warehouses
    • Public transport area's such as bus stations, railway stations
    • Stadiums
    • Hotels
    • Public swimming pools
    • Golf courses
    • Marinas
    • Airports

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