Out of Warranty repair 55" Free-standing Multi Touch Screen Totem


This 55" free-standing multi touch is the touch screen for large open spaces with good sight lines and high foot fall.


You have all the space you will ever need to install a external media source within this multi touch displays' lockable compartment. From small to large size PC units or media player this totem display adapts extremely well. Learn more and discover how these touch screens provide your customers with a unique and effortless interactive experience.

Fancy a different colour? If so, we offer a full vinyl wrap service that can completely cover the entire unit in your chosen colour. Why not change the look and integrate this display into your interior scheme?

You'll need a PC for this screen so give us a call and we'll chat through the best solution for you.

Ideal locations for this range include offices, schools, colleges, academy's, universities, department stores, shopping malls, banks, train/bus stations, airports, museums, heritage centres, hotel lobbies, libraries, travel and estate agents.

Want to learn more and how we can help you on your interactive journey? Call us now on 0845 234 0375

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