Rear Projection Display Module


Each rear projection screen module is optimised for every individual installation to avoid two critical issues with large image displays: intrusive seams (Bezels) and image speckle. The built-in module screen technology is extremely resistant to varying projection environments reducing the amount of seams and eliminating projected hot spots across the image area providing a seamless and smooth image.

Technological benefits also include:-

  • Pin-sharp images even when viewed close-up
  • Standard rectangular, six sided, five sided shapes and custom made shapes available
  • Build concave, convex, straight and curved wall configurations
  • Up to 2k resolution with single DVI link input and loop-through
  • Automated colour tracking and brightness stability across all modules
  • Building block installation making access and maintenance per module easy front and back
  • RGB LED light technology guaranteeing  best colour scope
  • 60,000 hours durable and continuous 24/7 LED source, no projector lamps or colour wheel
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy access to modules
  • Zero bezel 
  • Multi touch interactive touch application available




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