Android Cloud Network Media Player with IPTV Live Input and Content Management Software

by Digital Displays
Implement a Live Feed (IPTV) into cloud network digital signage advertising displays.
Transform existing screens into cloud-based digital advertising displays with a live television broadcast feed. Simply connect your set-top box or desired input source into the media player, then the player to the screen. Control the screen via our content management software.
You can upload and manage your content from anywhere in the world via our web portal ( Simply login, upload your images and videos to our secure server and send them directly to your digital screens.
You can determine exactly what content to display and when by creating playlists that automatically displays your chosen content at pre-determined times and dates.
HDMI Cable, Remote Control, User Manuel included.
Overall unit size:- 155mm x 104mm x 34mm
Please Note: Subscription Server license applies.

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