A4 LED Ceiling Mounted Light panel


This A4 ceiling mounted light panel display includes four mounting studs, two 1500mm x 6mm diameter aluminium rods, ceiling mounts cable and transformer.

The display panel features a bevelled edge detail to all four external edges is double sided and is an overall 14mm deep.

The LED light source provides a even and balanced white light across the total size of the printed graphic and a narrow detail of light around each of the bevelled edges. This naturally frames the printed graphic drawing your eye to its content.

Each easy access pocket supports the standard A4 size material, however, the total image area is reduced by 10mm along each side due to the thickness of the pocket frame. Please make an allowance for this with your proposed artwork and it is recommended that this 10mm border is used as a bleed.

Installation of the light panel is via two ceiling mounted 1500mm long aluminium rods that are secured to two ceiling mounted fixings. Please ensure that each ceiling mount is secured firmly to a solid structure either a solid ceiling or batten above any suspended ceiling tile.

We also recommend that the transformer is made easily accessible for future access. Power is delivered to each light panel via a 12v supply sent via each rod support. The transformer should be located into the ceiling void. 

The price does not include the printed graphic.

We do offer a comprehensive printing service so please contact us for further information.

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