36" Digital Shelf Edge Display


Our 36", or 900mm long, Digital Shelf Edge Display is our medium sized display and mounts to any standard 3 ft (0.9m long) gondola shelf. All the display electronics are hidden underneath the shelf this very slim and elegant digital shelf edge display can be angled depending on the shelf height for optimum customer viewing angle.

You can install a single header and up to four shelf edge displays using one media player per standard 3 ft long gondola shelf.

Additional benefits include:-

  • Extremely bright, high resolution provides vibrant and crystal clear content.
  • Easy to install by merchandisers and shop fitters.
  • Manufactured for the toughest store environments with a hardened glass front that is resistant to cleaning solvents.
  • Various angled mounting positions to optimise the best customer experience.
  • Daisy chain connectivity for up to five displays per 3ft long gondola.:

Physical Size: 897.6mm long x 20mm deep x 68.7mm high

Image Area: 875mm long x 47.8mm high

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