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Rear Projection Video Wall


This unique digital display system, consisting of small rear projected display cubes, brings a totally new dynamic to video wall applications.
Like a large Lego building block system this multi-cube display comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes from the characteristic rectangular 4:3 format, to hexagonal, polygon or custom made shapes. It is what gives this exclusive and unrivalled video wall it’s real innovation and value to architects and 3 Dimensional designers.
The clever funnel shaped design of each screen housing and self contained, self-supporting base frame reveal its revolutionary design making it suitable for key projects including complex curved or bent wall installations.
Each shape has its own internal processing and LED technology negating the need for external processors. Each shaped display delivers perfect colour, pitch balance and pin sharp images giving you superior image quality and unmatched visual customer experience.
 Touch screen interactive video wall
Now, imagine turning this incredible display into a fully immersive, multi-touch interactive touch display. By adding laser sensors coupled with intuitive software, regardless of shape and size, you can immediately experience multi-touch interactivity on the big screen.
Bring value and a unique user experience to environments such as corporate buildings, educational institutions and museums. 
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Rear Projection Display Module

Each rear projection screen module is optimised for every individual installation to avoid two critical issues with large image displays: intrusive seams (Bezels) and...
Rear Projection Video Wall
Video Wall

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