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They've caught your eye, so they'll catch your customer's eye, engage with them, and increase both footfall and sales.


Our 2-metre digital mannequin display is a pure retail product designed and manufactured to enhance contemporary shop window visual merchandise. This is a digital version of a life size clothing dummy brought to life.


Digital Mannequin comes as a complete hardware solution including a free standing floor mount. We have also created various media packages which allows video content and editing from either existing assets or custom made video content creating dynamic, creative and engaging digital visual imagery.


Digital Mannequin window display
Benefits of using our digital mannequin include the ease in which to display new fashion clothing directly to the window or in-store environment at the click of button.


No dressing or lighting of the display is required. Create your own cat walk. Tell a story with multiple interactive digital mannequin displays. So, if you are a visual merchandiser then you will love how you can transform your window displays into highly engaging works of digital art. 


Even in highly competitive niches and fast moving consumer goods.


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Front view of Digital Mannequin
from £5,350.00

2 Metre Digital Mannequin Display


Each digital mannequin is supplied as a complete kit, requiring no on-site assembly, with integrated hardware located within a powder coated, steel...

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from £5,350.00

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