Digital Signage in Education

Digital signage is beginning to get a foothold into educational institutions, and will continue to grow exponentially across campuses throughout the world due to the number of unique opportunities for educational information, live content and advertising avenues

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Tech Tips for Plasma & LCD Screens

Following on from our last blog entitled "What is the difference between a Plasma and an LCD screen" we have created our very own and unique Tech Tips that simply bullet point in greater detail the debate concerning which of the two technologies is best suited to any particular application.

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What is the difference between a Plasma and an LCD screen?

This blog tries to tackle this question...


Based on outward appearances are definitely deceiving when it comes to LCD and Plasma screens.  Although both types of screens are flat and thin, they utilise different technology in an attempt to deliver similar results. 

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What is Digital Signage

So, what is digital signage?

There are many interpretations as to what digital signage is, but the more simplistic description is ‘a system that puts messaging on a screen.  The form of the screen, message and system vary depending on the application.’

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